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Archived exhibitions

  • Claire Primrose
    I am Going Outside
    6th November – 30th November 2019

    For Claire Primrose, going outside is paramount. Based in the town of Queanbeyan, south-east of Canberra, Primrose travels often to the breath-taking mountain ranges that surround her home. Upon arriving, she absorbs herself within the environment and aims for a panoramic view; foraging and collecting samples on her way from passing rivers and soil – ...
  • Shaelene Murray
    9th October – 2nd November 2019

    Shaelene Murray’s figurative sculptures speak of society, history, experience and nostalgia. By re-contextualizing materials and processes from industry and the domestic sphere, Murray explores archetypes of femininity, and the roles which women play in the context of social and domestic life. Kin explores the complex familial relationships that emerge in the contentious arena of the ...
  • Barbara Ryman
    Leaves Fall
    9th October – 26th October 2019

    ‘A dear friend was fond of declaiming “the macrocosm, the microcosm!” whilst dramatically gesturing towards the world in general. I think of her when my gaze is drawn to small things. The understated and fragile, textures at my fingertips, shadows and sighs, a tiny movement that says I am here. In these whisperings I am ...
  • Shaun Hayes
    I Guess This is Growing Up
    18th September – 5th October 2019

    Shaun Hayes is a ceramic artist who investigates the relationship between throwaway objects and their ability to instil a sense of reflection on memory, creating a deeply nostalgic and sometimes humorous representation of time and place. Inspired by the experience of hearing a song on the radio from his childhood, the exhibition I Guess This ...
  • Curated By Amber Creswell Bell
    Genius Loci
    4th September – 14th September 2019

    ‘Genius Loci’ is a Latin concept, which translates to the “the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place”. In a contemporary context, it is a guiding principle in architecture and garden design – and for this exciting group show the concept is instead examined by artists. Using the medium of paint, this diverse group of ...
  • Toni Messiter
    14th – 31st August 2019

    Within a framework of Old Master’s Portraits, Messiter’s paintings underscore the complexity of familial relationships all the while using dolls as the protagonists.There can be found themes of nurturing, love, rivalry, jealousy and coercion, and maybe more.Toni Messiter is a painter who began her practice over 20 years ago. Her father, a painter himself, taught ...
  • David Collins
    Just Relations
    24th July – 10th August 2019

      For me, painting and drawing are essentially and increasingly about relationships. The rapport I feel for the environment in which I live and the myriad relationships that form each individual work, particularly the conversations that occur between colours, marks, spaces and tones.David Collins CV and BIO June 2019 (PDF)
  • Amy Dynan
    26th June – 20th July 2019

    Amy Dynan’s charcoal drawing practice merges photorealism with abstract sensibilities to explore the beauty of being alive. Amy, an award-winning emerging artist, is known for her dynamic approach to drawing and her nuanced balance between conceptual rigour and classical skills.'Water' is a new series of work that reveals a new and lighter approach to drawing ...
  • Gretal Ferguson
    Women’s Work
    26th June – 13th July 2019

      Women’s Work explores the changing roles of women in craft and society, commenting on the perception of what women do versus what we are actually capable of.  By combining the traditionally masculine craft of silversmithing with hand stitching, this exhibition endeavours to challenge the entrenched gender roles within craft and society while paying homage to ...
  • Felix Gill
    An Interrupted Place
    5th June – 22nd June 2019

    The city has been an uninterrupted place in my life. I am in love with urban places and this was confirmed with me as I travelled. Maybe it’s a connection with the street, its art, architecture and access - the ease and convenience of high density living. From this urban forest I have taken the ...
  • Denis Clarke
    Previously Unseen
    15th May – 1st June 2019

    Painting for me is a bodily thing. It involves the relationship between one’s self and making contact with the tactile. Why tactile? Because I am touching materials and feeling out my experience of looking at a subject such as landscapes, people and buildings.Drawing is the whole key. Not drawing for its own sake but drawing ...
  • HeadOn Photo Festival
    Luke Hardy
    Foxfires [kitsune-bi]
    24th April – 11th May 2019

    Foxfires Foxes are poets of beguilement, not least in Japanese folklore, which tells of their ability to take human form. They are also the most gifted trespassers, entering our dreams through their own.In some stories, foxes are faithful guardians, hence their presence as sentinels in Shinto shrines. In others, they are expert thieves. A fox ...
  • Oscar Martín de Burgos
    From Atapuerca to Uluru
    27th March – 13th April 2019

    Oscar Martin de Burgos sculptor and mystic, presents the exhibition: "from Atapuerca to Uluru", the result of several years of his search to unite the expression of the past, present and future through his work with volume. Taking as a starting point prehistoric symbolic manifestations, he delves with psychic empathy into the cultures of our ancestors.  In ...
  • Jackson Farley
    Self-conscious Kev and other friends
    27th February – 23rd March 2019

    Kev is a little bit lost so he invited his mates around to discuss how archaic notions of the masculine have permeated into the contemporary and whether the power structures associated with patriarchal histories and hierarchies are in fact holding men back from a deep new discovery of masculinity that is fit for the future…Nah!!!!!!!! ...
  • Helen Aitken Kuhnen and Mio Kuhnen
    27th February – 16th March 2019

    What might come as a surprise to many is that this exhibition, Transfer, heralds the first time mother and daughter team, Helen Aitken-Kuhnen and Mio Kuhnen have exhibited exclusively together.  With what seems like a natural pairing of artists, it’s anybodies guess as to why it has taken so long, but we are extraordinarily pleased ...
    2nd February – 23rd February 2019

    Introducing 3 exciting new Artists - Agus Wijaya, Jimin Hong and Louise Allerton. Each year Stanley Street Gallery presents the work of recently graduated artists or artists who are at the beginning of their art career.  Introducing has gained a reputation for uncovering some very talented artists working in a variety of mediums. This year’s ...
  • A Time of Gifts – The Art of Giving
    5th December – 22nd December 2018

    Stanley Street Gallery’s annual group exhibition features unique and timeless works of art, perfect for the time of giving. The A TIME of GIFTS - ART of GIVING is an invitation to collectors and lovers of art to discover unique gifts for the special people in our lives or to reward yourself at Christmas time.These images ...
  • Beasties
    7th November – 1st December 2018

    Beasties real and imagined have been gathered together for this exhibition. We have selected a stellar cast of artist including the much loved +Chris O’Doherty (aka Reg Mombassa), living legend *Elisabeth Cummings, multi award winner *Lucy Culliton as well as #Elizabeth Rankin, *Jumaadi, *Martin King, +Patricia Moylan and sculptures by +Brian Doar, #Margarita Sampson, #Shaun ...
  • Yu Fang Chi
    7th November – 24th November 2018

    ‘Entwined‘ draws from the artist’s memories of her childhood and the nature of intimate feminine relationships. Inspired by traditional embroidery techniques, Yu Fang Chi applied delicate silver wires to trace the ambiguous, unstable and shifting experiences in the female body.Repetitive movements such as stitching, weaving and crocheting connect the artist to her cultural and familial ...
  • Stockroom Show
    17th October – 3rd November 2018

    Stockroom showJust arrived new works by Shaun Hayes, David Collins, Claire Primrose and Andjana Pachkovaalso on exhibition are works byDenis Clarke, Jackson Farley, Joungmee Do, Daehoon Kang, Becky Bliss, Bic Tieu, Yu Fang Chi, Jennifer Laracy and Felix Gill
  • ap – ro – pos
    Contemporary Jewellery
    3rd October – 20th October 2018

    Ap-ro-pos is a group exhibition of five artists whose work shares a common purpose through its making. Hand made objects created through the intentioned labor and skill set of these artists provides a forum within which the group supports, questions and critiques each other’s processes.Diverse and coupled with a joy of making, the interaction between these ...
  • Tom Christophersen and Michael Simms
    12th September – 13th October 2018

    ‘Interfacing’ is an explosive, collaborative figurative exhibition between two of Australia’s most exciting emerging visual artists. Tom Christophersen and Michael Simms present ‘Interfacing’, an exploration into our flawed and often pixelated representations of ourselves. In an age of digital expression, ‘Interfacing’ prises apart notions of dangerous self-representation and distorted identities via technology.   Colour Catalogue - INTERFACING (PDF)INTERFACING ...
  • Craft Up Late
    Tuesday 9th October 2018 5pm – 8pm

    Craft Up Late event Tuesday 9th October 2018 5 - 8pm  as part of Sydney Craft Week.  Sydney Craft Week is an inspirational festival that speaks to our fundamental human urge to create, while also showcasing exceptional contemporary craft.Sydney Craft Week unites the very active craft sector within Sydney's creative community - including ceramicists, jewellers, quilters, knitters and ...
  • Sydney Contemporary
    Australasia’s Premier International Art Fair
    13th – 16th September 2018

    Presenting Paintings by David Collins, Drawings by Amy Dynan, Mixed Media by Jackson Farley and Ceramic Sculptures by Shaun Hayes at Sydney Contemporary Australasia's Premier International Art Fair 13th - 16th September 2018 at Carriageworks Booth G04. "Sydney Contemporary's program presents a showcase of the very best visual art, current trends and emergent practices, as well ...
  • Margaret West
    Drawings and Jewellery
    15th August – 8th September 2018

       Drawings Margaret West (1936-2014) was one of Australia’s finest contemporary jewellers. Her restrained yet passionate works in stainless steel, stone and marble are thoughtfully conceived, impeccably crafted. More than that, they share the allusive compression that West explored in her other great passion in later life, writing poetry.These companion practices were sustained by West’s constant habit ...
  • Andjana Pachkova
    Die Sehnsucht
    18th July – 11th August 2018

      C.S. Lewis once famously described Sehnsucht as “inconsolable longing” in the human heart for “we know not what.”Die Sehnschut can be roughly translated as “intensely missing”. No equivalent English word—describes deep emotional state. Compound word from “Das Sehnen”—yearning and “Das Seichtum”—long or lingering illness. In psych represents thoughts and feelings about all facets of life ...
  • Jessica Calderwood
    Material Matters
    18th July – 11th August 2018

    Jessica Calderwood is a sculptor and image-maker that works with a wide range of media.  She is interested in using traditional crafts, both for their creative properties, as well as their historical references as ‘marginalized craft,’ including enamel, porcelain painting and fibers. Working through a variety of formats, including sculpture, wall work and jewelry, this recent body of work is meant ...
  • Tor Larsen
    Virtual Relics
    20th June – 14th July 2018

    Art, science and a touch of the theatrical are combined in Tor Larsen’s Virtual Relics. Imagining the future with only the past as our guide has always made humanity feel uncomfortable and threatened, as we wait impatiently for the scientists to invent a time machine. Artist Tor Larsen’s box sculptures contain objects and images which ...
  • David Collins
    The River
    23rd May – 16th June 2018

    To the north of Sydney lies the Hawkesbury River. Home for the past 31 years.The movement of currents and tides over mudflats.The broken lines of broken jetties.Mirrored light.Masts and Hulls reflected. This estuarine environment is my inspiration and its evocation the primary focus of my work.  Colour Catalogue - David Collins - The River BioDavid Collins is a ...
  • Head On Photo Festival
    David Porteus
    Pretty Ugly Butterfly
    2nd May – 19th May 2018

    Everything is perfect, but something is wrong.'The experience of viewing the photographs in David Porteus’s Pretty Ugly Butterfly exhibition is one of being drawn into an ornately gothic Edwardian parlour room where characters possess an unsettling secret.The construction is familiar—formal, almost theatrical, portraits in antique frames and bubbled glass—but the effect is eerie, otherworldly; distortion ...
  • Handshake Project
    Super Positions
    4th April – 28th April 2018

    Super positions in NZ contemporary jewellery; a handshake to the 21st Sydney Biennale.In this NZ contemporary jewellery exhibition the Sydney audience can discover how each art practice reacts, answers, or is in dialogue with the title of the 2018 Sydney Biennale ‘SUPERPOSITION: Art of Equilibrium and Engagement’. Current and past HANDSHAKE artists were asked to ...
  • Harley Oliver
    Hitters, Grapplers and Strongmen
    28th February – 24th March 2018

    In their own way, they were unlikely heroes of their time. Boxers, wrestlers, and circus strongmen of the early 1900s were famous, mysterious showmen – albeit on a brutal and often unforgiving stage.  From Australian Olympic boxer (and pride of the Victorian town of Shepparton) Max Carlos through to Russia’s ‘King of the Kettlebells’ Pyotr Kryloff ...
    Jackson Farley, Yixuan Geng and Shaun Hayes
    3rd February – 24th February 2018

    Every year we present the work of new and exciting artists in the exhibition titled INTRODUCING. This year’s artists are mixed media artist Jackson Farley, object maker Yixuan Geng and ceramicist Shaun Hayes.  Jackson FarleyJackson Farley is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Sydney, Australia. With a particular focus on old notions of masculinity in ...
  • The Art of Giving
    29th November – 22nd December 2017

      Stanley Street Gallery’s annual group exhibition features unique and timeless works of art, perfect for the time of giving. The ART of GIVING is an invitation to collectors and lovers of art to discover unique gifts for the special people in our lives or to reward yourself at Christmas time. Artists exhibiting include: Amy Dynan, Andjana Pachkova, ...
  • Aesthetic Uncertainties
    1st November – 25th November 2017

    Independent curator Zara Collins presents new work from four Australian painters in the exhibition Aesthetic Uncertainties. Taking landscape as a common point of departure each artist uses the medium of paint to express something innately personal: an experience, a journey, a memory, a dream.Artists Madeleine Cruise, David Collins, Ondine Seabrook and Zuza Zochowski invite the viewer ...
  • Bic Tieu
    Between Auspicious Forms
    1st – 25th November 2017

     Between Auspicious Forms presents a collection of small intricate vessels and wearables pieces by Bic Tieu that explore the rituals and cultural expressions of her Chinese heritage against the Australian household landscape.Using the rich symbolism of traditional Chinese culture, Tieu utilises the vessel form and the concept of containment in her contemporary interpretation of traditional ...
  • Rachel Timmins
    Unexpected Companion
    4th – 28th October 2017

    Metamorphosis and mutants, recovering value in the devalued, and finding comfort through building a place to belong are concepts that are prominently featured in my wearable work and in how I choose to live my life. Many of my works include soft textures and vibrant color. These are powerful ways of creating a spectacle, allowing ...
  • Zoe Brand
    Break It To Me Gently
    4th – 28th October 2017

    Brand often draws from her own life for inspiration; she presents her work from an everyman perspective. Using everyday phrases and materials that become ambiguous in meaning when the context of display changes from wall to body, and back again. For Break it to me gently, Brand offers the audience the comic/tragic narrative into the ...
  • Jessica Calderwood
    13th September – 30th September 2017

    "My most recent series combines flower/botanical forms with fragments of the human body in order to address issues surrounding gender, domesticity, and identity. Inspired by a life lived in suburbia, I created these works to be intentionally humorous and ironic. These anthropomorphic beings are at once, powerful and powerless, beautiful and absurd, inflated, and amputated."Jessica ...
  • Claire Primrose
    Moving Mountains
    9th August – 2nd September 2017

     For Claire Primrose the continuing impact of place on her creative imagination is paramount. Her works are made in a studio in the industrial area of Queanbeyan near Canberra, far removed from the sources that have excited her imaginative sensibilities. They are the result of felt experiences that have stayed with her, that have become ...
  • On Point
    13th – 30th September 2017

    On Point - 7 Artists - On Point: Jessica Calderwood, Denis Clarke, David Collins, Shaelene Murray, Margarita Sampson, Spalding, Nicole Taubinger.On point: "Excellent, bold, right on, accurate, appropriate.Having a direct application to the case or topic under consideration; apposite, relevant. " - source "Wiktionary"Our latest exhibition "On Point" presents the work of ...
  • Jill Crossley
    Unprotected Images
    12th July – 5th August 2017

    Stanley Street Gallery is excited to announce our second exhibition of photography by Jill Crossley, titled Unprotected Images.Now in her late eighties, Crossley has been looking at this world through a lens for over 70 years. She has been described as one of the pioneering female photographers in Australia.In her career, Crossley has worked with ...
  • Thinkers and Dreamers
    14th June – 8th July 2017

    On this one-way trip through time, what is it that we need to know? Where can we look for the answers?There is a long held fascination and love of the ‘Artist Studio’- it is both treasure trove and tardis. It can contain evidence of a life spent thinking and dreaming, creating works - wordless novels ...
  • 2 Week PopUp Exhibition
    31st May – 10th June 2017

    2 Week PopUp ExhibitionFeaturing new work fromAmy DynanAndjana PachkovaDenis ClarkHarley OliverJo WoodElizabeth KellyMargarita SampsonOscar MartinShaelene MurrayTor Larsen
  • Head On Photo Festival
    Ted Grambeau
    The Art of Awareness
    26th April – 20th May 2017

    SEALEVEL - 'The Art of Awareness' is a personal photographic project documenting the ocean at sea level.A dynamic body of work that has evolved from a lifetime journey of being deeply immersed in the ocean, observing the nuances of light, it’s complexities and varying interactions with the elements. A project close to my heart, my ...
  • Deborah Marks
    29th March – 22nd April 2017

    Liminality refers to a state of psychological disorientation arising from a transient condition of being that lies between past and future. One’s unknown destiny lies poised at the threshold between these two dichotomous positions. The theme of the exhibition revolves around a young woman living in transition as an outsider conflicted between countries, cultures and ...
  • The White Room
    Contemporary Ceramics
    1st – 25th March 2017

    "The White Room" is taken from the album by The KLF who were famed for burning all the money they earned in a boat shed on Jura.KLF - Kiln Load Fire !An exhibition of contemporary ceramics that pushes the medium, while paring ceramics back to its sources of purity, ritual and light. Curated by Sean ...
  • Barbara Ryman
    1st – 18th March 2017

    Fragmenting mind, fragmenting world, fragmenting society, fragments of memory, disintegration, integration and nostalgia. Can what is broken be mended? Can it be transformed? Artist StatementFRAGMENTFragmenting mind, fragmenting world, fragmenting society, fragments of memory, disintegration, integration and nostalgia. Can what is broken be mended? Can it be transformed?These are the somewhat disordered thoughts running behind the production ...
    Elyssa Sykes-Smith, Andjana Pachkova, Suzi Zglinicki
    4th – 25th February 2017

    Every year Sydney’s Stanley Street Gallery presents the work of new and exciting artists in the exhibition titled INTRODUCING. This years artists are painters Andjana Pachkova, Suzi Zglinicki and sculptor Elyssa Sykes-Smith.
  • A Time of Gifts
    30th November – 24th December 2016

    Stanley Street Gallery’s annual group exhibition features unique and timeless works of art, perfect for the time of giving. A TIME OF GIFTS is an invitation to collectors and lovers of art to discover unique gifts for the special people in our lives or to reward yourself at Christmas time. Artists exhibiting include: Harley Oliver, Denis ...
  • Elizabeth Kelly
    2nd November – 26th November 2016

    Drawing inspiration from organic geometry, Kelly has thrown into the mix saturation of hue and infinite colour possibilities to produce glass sculptures that allow the viewer to appreciate what is already evident in the natural world. Colour Catalogue Elizabeth Kelly TangentsAll is stardustFor the past decade Elizabeth Kelly has been focussing her studio work on cast ...
  • Eden Lennox
    Party Animal
    2nd November – 19th November 2016

    An exhibition of contemporary jewellery combining precious metals and post-consumables; parts of vintage dolls, toys and found objects; a body of work that takes as its starting points the reuse and “upcycling” ethos of arte povera and the do-it-yourself aesthetic of post-punk.“The notion of preciousness is the key consideration of my practice. I examine it ...
  • Borne
    5th October – 29th October 2016

    What does it look like when artists are asked to try something new?At what point does ‘sculpture’ become ‘jewellery’? How can the body animate work? Does something designated ‘jewellery’ need to be wearable? What happens when we ask people (the maker/the viewer) to step outside their usual frame of reference for an artwork?A diverse range ...
  • Sally Simpson
    Objects for an Unknown Future Museum
    7th September – 1st October 2016

     Sally Simpson makes personal ritual objects drawing on the legacy of traditions in which the figure is an object of power through which one hopes to influence or appeal to the spiritual world. Her artistic and philosophical preoccupations arise from 25 years of living on small acreage farms, observing relations between humans and the natural ...
  • The Tank
    Fiona Meller and Tracy Lymn
    Waiting for Hope
    7th – 24th September 2016

    Sculptor/jeweller Fiona Meller and artist/photographer Tracy Lymn have joined forces to present Waiting for Hope.By employing their different artistic disciplines, Fiona and Tracy have collaborated to create works that focus on the symbols and talismans associated with hope, luck and good fortune.The still life photograph by Tracy Lymn portrays carefully selected components chosen to symbolise ...
  • Harley Oliver
    Dad Took a Picture
    10th August – 3rd September 2016

    Time erodes. It slides across a scene like a second shutter, obliterating narrative.Everyone has old family photos and as a kid you grow up with the stories that go with them. My dad took lots of photos and whenever we went through them he could provide a pretty good running commentary about who was who ...
  • Sean Axelrod
    10th August – 3rd September 2016

    Sean Axelrod’s work veers between wearable ornament and sculpture. Axelrod alludes to medals and uniforms through colour, materials and the arrangement of shapes, but on second glance the dominant imagery is seen to consist of a hidden narrative. Visually, these are interesting rather than pretty assemblages, but their ‘meaning’ and their symbolism suggest ambiguities that ...
  • Geoff Levitus
    A Foreigner’s Glimpse
    13th July – 6th August 2016

    Geoff Levitus is a multi-disciplinary artist who has worked often in Asia and Europe over many years. In this exhibition, his works on paper and large mixed media canvases explore the cultural effects of interconnecting histories. Apart from the daily contradictions of contemporary life on the streets of Asia juxtaposed with the traditional life of ...
  • Salon of Infectious Ideas
    8th June – 2nd July 2016

    A group exhibition of artists capturing the idea of"Salon of Infectious Ideas"Amaya Lang, Amy Dynan, Antonia Lomny, Brad Spalding, Barbara Ryman, Black Pacha, Christine Webb, Claire Primrose, Denis Clarke, Derryn Tal, Elizabeth Kelly, Fiona Meller, Gretal Ferguson, Glenys Jackson, Joungmee Do, Liza Feeney, Margarita Sampson, Merilyn Bailey, Mirabel FitzGerald, Nicole Taubinger, Robin Lawrence, Shaelene Murray, Susanna Strati, Tom ...
  • Headon Photo Festival
    John Donegan
    Unguarded Moments 2013-2016
    18th May – 4th June 2016

    Unguarded Moments follows Donegan’s 2013 exhibition Witness To The Mundane, exploring the pedestrian nature of people’s lives.In this exhibition of recent work, Donegan has wielded his documentary photography techniques to render the beauty he sees in the mundane aspects of daily life in Australia.This photography attempts to portray people lost in their own private thoughts ...
  • Headon Photo Festival
    Roberto Fernández-Ibáñez
    Mountains of Uncertainty
    27th April – 14th May 2016

     I always liked landscapes, both the natural and the imaginary ones. I walk in the first ones with my body, and with my mind in the latter.But there are mountains and valleys in which we go through without knowing it. They are unpredictable, unstable and sometimes discouraging. In them we are but data, dots in ...
  • Works from our Stockroom
    13th April – 23rd April 2016

    Stanley Street Gallery has been exhibiting a diverse and unique group of artists since its inception a mere 4 years ago.  We have introduced and reintroduced artist's such as James Barker; Mirabel FitzGerald, Denis Clarke, Robin Lawrence, Shaelene Murray, Nicole Taubinger, Brendon Stewart, Yioryios, Harley Oliver, Derryn Tal, Sussanah Strati, Claire Primrose, NOT, Fiona Meller, Jo Wood, Christel van der Laan and ...
  • Spalding – Gesundheit
    9th March – 9th April 2016

    Stanley Street Gallery is excited to announce the second exhibition of new paintings by Spalding.Spalding’s paintings immerse viewers in the windswept and weather-beaten landscape of the Snowy Mountains, as dense mist and snow give way to twisted gums and scrub.“I am inspired by the clarity of light at altitude and the quality of the air. ...
  • Felix Gill – Featured Artist in the Tank

    "I have a quirky sense of humor and a unique way of seeing because of it. I am inspired by nature and the phrase “implied symmetry” the same difference of two leaves, trees, or pair of rocks, by modern architecture with open spaces and closed boxes.As a maker I am influenced greatly by the process ...
    Amaya Lang – Tom Christophersen – Yioryios – Ryan Saunderson
    6th Feb – 5th Mar 2016

    Stanley Street Gallery is pleased to INTRODUCE 4 new artists; painters Tom Christophersen and Ryan Saunderson, ceramicist Amaya Lang and maker of wearable art, sculpture and painting Yioryios 
  • A Time of Gifts
    25th Nov – 24th Dec 2015

    Our annual group exhibition features unique and timeless works of art, perfect for the time of giving. Stanley Street Gallery’s annual exhibition A TIME OF GIFTS is an invitation to collectors and lovers of art to discover unique gifts for the special people in our lives or to reward yourself at Christmas time.Artists exhibiting include: ...
  • Claire Primrose and Brendon Stewart
    28th Oct – 21st Nov 2015

    Stanley Street Gallery is excited to announce the upcoming exhibition by two landscape artists - Claire Primrose and Brendon Stewart. Inspired by many different locations including her nearby environment of the Snowy Mountains, Claire Primrose captures both emotion and grandeur through her interesting exploration of surfaces, textures and colours. In contrast, Brendon Stewart explores his ...
  • Secrets, Saints and Shadows
    Bernhardine Mueller, Denise Scholz-Wulfing, Mirabel FitzGerald
    30th Sept – 24th Oct 2015

    Printmakers leave their mark at Stanley Street Gallery. Three of Australia’s leading printmakers will be exhibiting their work at Stanley Street Gallery from Wednesday 30th September to Saturday 24th October 2015. Mirabel FitzGerald, Denise Scholz-Wulfing and Bernhardine Mueller are represented in major collections including the National Gallery and the Art Gallery of NSW and Regional Galleries. Secrets, ...
  • Iterations – Zoë Veness, Susanna Strati and Sean O’Connell
    2nd Sept – 26th Sept 2015

    ‘Iterations’, explores the notion of process as a perpetual series of form building and mark- making investigations, and as an accumulation of repeated gestures. Motivating the creation of this new work is the project’s goal to experiment with repetition through the production of drawing, video, photography, small objects and larger scale sculptural work. Iterations Catalogue Sean O’ConnellAn experimental ...
  • Portraits
    5th Aug – 29th Aug 2015

    Portraits is a group exhibition exploring a variety of approaches to the subject of portraiture using a variety of mediums, including painting, photography and sculpture. The exhibiting artists are Denis Clarke, John Donegan, Amy Dynan, Robin Lawrence, Guy Morgan, Shaelene Murray, Harley Oliver, Zorica Purlija, Brad Spalding and Derryn Tal.The ArtistsPainter Guy Morgan, a finalist ...
  • Zara Collins
    Wabi Sabi
    5th of August – 15th of August 2015

     I am currently exploring the notion of Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese concept of beauty and the impermanence of life. Characteristics of the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic include irregularity, simplicity, modesty and an appreciation for the integrity of natural objects and processes. Experimenting with ceramics, glaze-combinations and sterling silver to create unique jewellery pieces that celebrate intuition and imperfection.During my secondary studies I ...
  • Handshake 2
    Contemporary Jewellery
    8th July – 1st Aug 2015

     In 2014 a new group of New Zealand contemporary jewellers started the Handshake mentoring program with their chosen hero.  10 Handshake2 contemporary jewellery mentees Amelia Pascoe, Karren Dale, Kathryn Yeats, Kelly McDonald, Lisa Higgins, Raewyn Walsh, Renee Bevan, Sarah Walker-Holt,Tineke Jansen and Vanessa Arthur,  who are mentored by Ruudt Peters, Gemma Draper, Ben Pearce, Kirsten ...
  • Nicole Taubinger
    What Remains New
    8th of July – 1st August 2015

    To create my jewelry, I use objects of every day use, those which surround us everywhere, and are so close to us that we no longer see them. I find these and set them into a new context, so they become visible again. Objects consisting of polymers exist in beautiful colors and forms. If one ...
  • Denis Clarke
    Force of Nature
    10th June – 4th July 2015

    “In recent years Denis Clarke’s work has made a fundamental shift in its pictorial concerns regarding his subject, the landscape.He draws and paints a complex and intimate view of the forest, a microcosm of rocks, cliffs, bark and burnt wood, in a vigorous gestural manner which evokes a real sense of being there in the ...
  • Jill Crossley
    Unreliable Witness
    Headon Photo Festival
    20th May – 6th June 2015

    From a farm in Western Australia to the studio of iconic photographer Max Dupain, the hallmarks of Jill Crossley’s long career are excellence and diversity.She became acquainted with photography watching her father develop images of their stud sheep and later her dream of becoming a portrait photographer crystalized.Crossley has worked as a freelance commercial photographer in ...
  • Headon Photo Festival
    Between Heaven and Earth
    Shunzan Fan
    29th April – 16th May 2015

    Catalogue and Floor Sheet - Shunzan FanBetween heaven and earth - Photography exhibition that demonstrates the aspirations of common Chinese.What makes one's identity, the daily ground one walks on or the higher air one aspires and desires? This is basically the topic of the interesting photo series- '现实给了梦想多少时间?' 'how much time does reality allow for a ...
  • James Barker Paintings
    14th April – 24th April 2015

    James BarkerRetrospectiveThis Exhibition is a selection of the work of James Barker, highlighting a significant career spanning 60 years of professional practice.James Barker’s grounding was at East Sydney Technical College in the early 50’s under the guidance of teachers including Douglas Dundas, Ron Millen, Godfrey Miller, Jean Appleton and Dorothy Thornhill. Along with the technical ...
  • Reactions
    Derryn Tal
    18th Mar – 11th Apr 2015

    “My art is a reflection of cause and effect.My motivation is to be a creator of reactions. I am a conduit to the innovative and to the emotional.I intuitively connect to the reaction, observing the fleeting and ephemeral metamorphosis.I am the conductor, the performer, the instrumentalist, the creator of something living and dying, flourishing and ...
  • Margarita Sampson
    Infectious Desires
    25th Feb – 14th March 2015

    ‘The Salon of Infectious Desires’ is a series of sculptural works taking a domestic chair as a starting point, but proposing an alternate reality where each chair has become an eco-system, where the upholstery colonises and spreads, where organic forms are poised at a juncture between overwhelming their host, self-regulating or dying out. The textile ...
    Claire Primrose – Kate Dambach – Katherine Buljan – Sarah Harvie
    7th Feb – 21st Feb 2015

    Stanley Street Gallery is pleased to INTRODUCE 4 new artists; 3 painters and a sculptor.Claire Primrose ” I am interested in the surprise element, or the “happy accident” that can only be found with bold experimentation and calculated risk.”  CV & ARTISTS STATEMENT - Claire PrimroseKate Dambach “My current body of work is a meditation on the ...
  • A Time of Gifts
    3rd Dec – 24th Dec 2014

    A Time of Gifts – unique and timeless works of art, perfect for the time of giving.Original works for original people.This is an exhibition of work from artists who have exhibited with us throughout the year.  Fiona Meller, Daehoon Kang, Barbara Ryman, Black Pacha, Christel van der Laan, Dat Van, David Cruickshank, Diane Appleby, Eden ...
  • Hand Raised
    Gretal Ferguson and Kinah Choi
    24th Nov – 29th Nov 2014

    An exhibition of old traditions fused with contemporary forms of objects and jewellery.The legacy of traditional silversmithing continues with the creations of Design Centre, Enmores Jewellery and Object Design scholarship recipients Gretal Ferguson and Kinah Choi.This exhibition will showcase the work produced from their scholarship year at Jewellery and Object Design at the Design Centre ...
  • Parts of the Story
    Christel van der Laan
    29th Oct – 22nd Nov 2014

    Contemporary jewellery is often concerned with the personal stories and journey of the maker. The selection and composition of materials to give form to thoughts, feelings and memories, is often the most challenging and exhilarating part of the process of making.CATALOGUE - PARTS OF THE STORY – Christel van der Laan “Collecting, arranging and making things ...
  • Inappropriate Nudity
    Harley Oliver
    29th Oct – 22nd Nov 2014

    We live in a world where seeing naked or near nude bodies in public, is inevitable and almost mundane.For Harley's first solo exhibition, opening on October 28th, I explore nudity in unexpected situations. Whether it’s today’s celebrities, early explorers, 1930’s beach-goers, or even the Queen of England herself, no one is off limits.Though better known for ...
  • Touched
    Jo Wood – Kim-Anh Nguyen
    1st Oct – 25th Oct 2014

    Touched to be affected emotionally to be modified by somethingThis exhibition brings together the work of two artists Kim-Anh Nguyen and Jo Wood. Both artists are exploring the ideas of self and of journey. The organic forms created by their delicate use of ceramics will Touch all who see this work. The conscious awareness of making marks ...
    MikiNobu Komatsu
    10th Sept – 27th Sept 2014

    This exhibition is based on MikiNobu Komatsu’s book LIGHT MOODS SOUTH. are from the South Island of New Zealand, and were photographed over a few decades; as a result of his long love affair across the Tasman.“I developed a passion to capture my emotional response on film when encountering the extraordinary scenes in various rich ...
  • Dreams and Shadows
    Barbara Ryman
    10th Sept – 27th Sept 2014

     Barbara Ryman has been a leading influence in Australian Contemporary jewellery primarily for her exquisite and extraordinary work with vitreous enamel."I have been a Jeweller and an Enameller for thirty years. Shaping and manipulating metal gives me great enjoyment. There are many techniques that add exciting creativity to jewellery making such as piercing, etching, texturing and ...
  • Over your head
    Contemporary Jewellery
    13th Aug – 6th Sep 2014

    Over Your Head is an exciting and provocative exhibition of contemporary wearable art. The work on exhibition has been selected from leading artists from around Australia and New Zealand and also includes work from the Czech Republic.As the title suggests, Over Your Head is both a playful exhibition and an opportunity to comment on serious ...
  • Still Alive
    An Art Exhibition by asylum seekers and refugees
    4th Aug – 10th Aug 2014

    Stanley Street Gallery is proud to host the Refugee Art Project  exhibition.Julian Morrow opening the exhibition“The consul banged the table and said: ‘If you’ve got no passport, you’re officially dead’; But we are still alive, my dear, but we are still alive.” Refugee Blues, W H Auden.The Refugee Art Project is proud to present Still ...
  • Lush
    Philip Stallard
    9th July – 2nd Aug 2014

  • Works on Paper – 1 Metre
    11th Jun – 5th July 2014

     Imagination is at the heart of artistic endeavour, and the Works on Paper 1 Metre Show at Stanley Street Gallery assembles the work of a compelling group of artists, all working differently, and each displayed within a 1 metre stretch of wall.The proximity of works in the luminous space opens a stimulating dialogue between the ...
  • Head On Photo Festival
    Johan Willner
    Boy Stories
    14th May – 7th June 2014

     Boy StoriesMemory is a place where one hears only echoes and sees shadows. Memory is the cataract of sight and the tinnitus of hearing. It tears at the cobwebs. - Carl Emil EnglundIn the series Boy Stories (2006-2012) Johan Willner travels back in time, to a place where something happened, to a passing moment fixed ...
  • Melt
    16th Apr – 10th May 2014

    Artist’s statementI see how weather beaten and charred our mountain landscape has become since the 2003 bush fires, with the snow just covering much of the scarring.  While it provides a winter wonderland and playground for visitors, many who come are ill prepared, with very little respect for the radical changes in weather.A yellow rain ...
  • Venerated Remains
    Sally Simpson
    19th Mar – 12th Apr 2014

    Sally Simpson’s work reflects her fascination with the way values and meaning assigned to land change over time, according to point of view, culture and situation. She uses unexpected methods to transform natural and man-made materials found at particular sites, creating sculptures that evoke artefacts and specimens and drawings that reflect the fragility of the ...
  • Fighting Fire with Fire
    John Donegan
    26th Feb – 15th March 2014

    FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIREThe Blue Mountains were engulfed by bushfires on Thursday, 17th October 2013 with hundreds of homes destroyed.  The fires continued to burn for a week and conditions only intensified after the homes were lost, with Wednesday the 23rd predicted to be catastrophic.  The Rural Fire Service commanders undertook a high risk strategy ...
  • Mind and Matter
    Emma Leslie – Genevieve Reynolds – Kylie Spear
    5th Feb – 22nd Feb 2014

    Three female emerging artists from three separate disciplines are linked in Mind and Matter, through a shared fascination for the relationship between the human body and mind.Through drawing, painting, photography and video, each artist uniquely expresses the link between internal mind and the outer, physical world, using gesture, colour and form. Kylie Spear's meditative and delicate ...
  • Heart Felt
    Sondi’s Studio
    5th Feb – 22nd Feb 2014

    My studio is adjacent to my home in an isolated bush setting in the blue mountains. I cannot dismiss the fact that such a peaceful and regenerative atmosphere influences my designs. My new work has become less graphic, more abstract in the surface of the bi-metal I create. The complicated hollow structures I have made ...
  • A Time of Gifts
    4th Dec – 22nd Dec 2013

    A Time of gifts is a fabulous group show; it is our celebration of the 1st year of Stanley Street Gallery.  It is an opportunity for us to thank all the amazing artists who have shown with us and supported us on this incredible journey.  It is the perfect exhibition for art lovers and givers ...
  • Shan Shan Mok
    13th Nov – 30th Nov 2013

    Shan Shan 6th series travelling and settling‘Shan Shan’ is my Chinese name; the word ‘Shan’ means coral in Chinese. This series is inspired by the planulae (coral larva) travelling and settling phenomenon in coral ecology. It is a metaphor for my own travelling and settling experiences.This series explores the effect of cultural differences in our ...
  • Sokquon
    New Paintings
    13th Nov – 30th Nov 2013

    By interpreting the peaceful and spiritual elements of nature and introducing a sense of refuge into my paintings, I have created a sanctuary for the mind.Sokquon Tran 2013 Images
  • Girls on Time
    Tenmore Girls
    16th Oct – 9th Nov 2013

    Have you ever wondered how many heartbeats you will use in your lifetime? Or felt time moving too fast one minute and too slow the next?Since 2009, ten of the best graduates from the Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design course at the Design Centre Enmore, have come together annually to present a fresh ...
  • Dr Gene Sherman
    Speaking at Stanley Street Gallery
    23rd October 2013 @ 6pm

  • Bridges and Returning Clouds
    Brendon Stewart – Glenys Jackson
    18th Sept – 12th Oct 2013

    Bridges And Returning Clouds explores the mystical and philosophical in two very different ways, with a common link - both artists are Zen Buddhist practitioners.Brendon Stewart's work explores the influense his experiences in Japan have had, particularly those from Kyoto. The bridges in his paintings are in part a reference to the Philosopher's Walk in ...
  • Alice Whish
    18th Sept – 5th Oct 2013

    Artist StatementThese large enamel brooches were developed from the study of Margaret Anne Field’s 1860s crochet lace pattern booklets. Margaret lived in the Gulf of Carpentaria with her engineer husband and three children in the mid 1800s. She was an amateur astronomer and based her lace patterns on the stars and planets.The process of enameling ...
  • Three Directions
    Greg Hansell – Geoff Harvey – Patrick Blake
    21st Aug – 14th Sept 2013

    Greg Hansell,  has been shown 19 times in the Wynne Prize as well as the 2011 Dobel Drawing prize to name just a few.  Greg is known for making his own earth pastels which he uses to draw beautiful iconic Australian images. Greg is also the Art School Director of the Royal Art Society of ...
  • Red to Wear
    Contemporary Jewellery
    24th July – 17th Aug 2013

    "When creativity meets attention to detail a jewel is born.  Add passion and the result will be unexpected, surprising, extravagant and fascinating"Teresa Pedrosa - Beautiful People Live ArtRed To Wear brings together a beautifully curated collection of contemporary wearable art. Engaging with the question, 'What does red mean to you?' Twenty-five national and international artists ...
  • Works on Paper
    Denis Clarke – Elisabeth Cummings – Anais Lera
    26th Jun – 20th Jul 2013

    Three artist with 3 different aproaches: Denis Clake, Elisabeth Cummings, and Anais Lera.  All 3 artists show how the simple gesture of a line, has the power to conjure and suggest images either dreamed or real. these images hold within them  a sense of the familiar as well as the imagined.  Works On Paper is ...
  • New Beirut
    Paul Blackmore
    15th May – 22nd Jun 2013

    Paul Blackmore is one of a new generation of photojournalists whose elegant, coherent and enduring observations function as both valuable records of social change and stunning fine-art images.The Lebanese know better than most how cities rise and fall. After 16 years of bitter civil war the word „Beirut‟ became synonymous with violence, death and ruin. ...
  • Modern Treasures
    Diane Appleby
    15th May – 15th June 2013

    Drawn from the colours of the ocean, Diane has created an evocative collection of pendants and rings for this exhibition.Hallmarks of Diane Appleby’s handmade jewellery are design, colour and craftsmanship. Stones such as rubies, diamonds, black pearls, tourmalines and iolites set into burnished silver and planished gold find unique form in Diane’s designs. Rings with ...
  • Shaelene Murray
    a tracing of thread
    17th Apr – 11th May 2013

    "A tracing of thread is a phrase that describes the working of a piece of lace, a thread forming the foundation allowing other stitches to be sewn along it's course. As a metaphor for my work, this trace can refer to a line of history, a line of thought; a mapping or charting of a ...
  • Class of 1955 East Sydney Tech
    6th Mar – 6 Apr 2013

    A group of friends with a passion for Art are reunited for this exhibitionClass of 1955 East Sydney TechJames Barker, Ron Feast, Robin Lawrence, Wendy Learmonth, Paul Milton, Barbara Romalis, Diane Veil Browne, Georgina Worth 
  • Witness to the Mundane
    Photography by John Donegan
    31st Jan – 2nd Mar 2013

    John Donegan sold his first photograph to a suburban newspaper as a 14 year old in Melbourne. This passing moment borne from happenstance has led to a lifetime chronicling the best and worst of mankind, revolutions, politics, cultural and sporting events, and daily life in over 15 countries around the world, and across the length ...
  • Street Jewellery
    A group exhibition
    31st Jan – 2nd Mar 2013

    Next time you look at the street it will be different.  You may see the occasional thin strip of steel left by the Municipal Street Sweepers after they have performed their obsequious duty, or the discarded washer, the crushed and rusted bottle cap with their usefulness presumed to have been terminated.  Majella Beck and Nina ...
  • A Time of Gifts
    1st Nov – 22nd Dec 2012

    A group exhibition of diverse practice - showcasing Contemporary Jewellery, Hollowware, Ceramics, Photography and Painting.
  • Paintings by Robin Lawrence
    4th Oct – 27th Oct 2012

    "I try to gather place and/or a moment of light by the play of art into intelligent compositions of paint on canvas."Robin's use of tone in colour is subtle and extravagant both to extreme yet ever in balance even when playfully off-balance.Exhibition runs from 4 October - 27 October, 2012