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As a visual artist I am captivated by everything an eye can see. I am also enthralled by the things an ear can hear—music and exploration of sounds really help the development of my visual language and expression (sometimes even the encounter) of my themes. But my outmost deepest interest lies in the sphere where the eye cannot see and the ear cannot hear but the only instrument that is attuned enough in that microcosm of reactions is that of human spirit.Andjana Pachkova




In every work I produce, I tend to allow an element of surprise hopefully for the viewer, but definitely for myself, the artist. I often tend to go into a work with a sense of where I would hope the work would go…However, very quickly after I start working, the work/the image acquire their own life… at that point every artist has to make the decision: to allow the painting to speak for itself as a living and breathing thing, or to ignore that presence and to impose one’s will upon it, “wrestle with the angel.”

What are the themes that inspire me? I think it is probably not the “what” but the “how” that inspires me—where is the magic, the spark that translates the marks on paper into emotion, notes into music, joints’ movement and brain impulses into motion as complex as dance and biology into love. Where is that magic that stops the artist and the viewer in their tracks and whispers—here, this two-dimensional plane of paper/canvass now has a clearly felt presence.

So it is with outmost care and attention, listening to music and often after a yoga practice or meditation of some sort that I try to stay open and invite a sense of being receptive to whatever universe sends me through my eyes, body, ears and try not to miss it/or resist it but rather to hear its distant almost inaudible whisper… In some magical places, like the Australian deserts, the voice of the universe, of the spirit, of the place, of life is louder as there are no distracting voices competing for our attention. In other places the voice of creation is hardly audible and I feel I need to protect myself and create conditions that would be most conducive to tuning in into the echoes of creation. Because that is what the artist clearly doing… creating, calling a life into existence where there was no life before…

Specifically, if I had to be pinpointed, places and human faces fascinate me. Especially certain places and in certain light that have a feeling of some mysterious presence, of some memory of times past or a premonition for the future time to come, in other words, transcendent places. and certain faces that manage to be conduits for human emotion yet of a complex not straightforward kind. So in other words, I am not interested in sadness but rather in perhaps expectation of a sadness coming. Not grief but a realization of what life is, not joy but being in the brief moment where one is on the casp of it… All that said, I cant keep thinking of Henry Moore who said awhile ago and I am paraphrasing… words are bad for artists, they release tension and no tension no work of art.



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Past Solo

Die Sehnsucht 18th July - 11th Aug 2018

Past Group

Introducing 4th - 25th February 2017



Andjana (Andy) Pachkova comes from the traditional Russian art tutoring background. Following Perestroika, in the early 1990s, she took classes at Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry, as well as studied with various private tutors.

In 1997 Andjana won a prestigious Davis Fellowship and subsequently moved to the United States to pursue a graduate degree in liberal arts at Dartmouth College. While at Dartmouth, Andjana took a visual arts class to enhance her drawing technique. After that she studied art at the night courses at NYU, and later, continued her studies here in Australia through a two-year study at Northbridge Visual Art School (“NVAS”) (earned Diploma of Visual Arts in 2014) and at the Willoughby Art Center (“WAC”) and the Wollarha Waverly Art School (“WWAS”). At WAC, NVAS and WWAS Andjana studied with such notable local artists as Karen Atkins, Brandt Lewis, Robyn Ross, Denis Clarke and Tony Tozer, among others. Recently Andjana started developing an interest in printmaking which further informed her understanding of painting and drawing.

Andjana holds a Master of Law from Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) and a Bachelor of Laws from Moscow International University. Andjana has lived and studied law and art in many countries and has had a wealth of experiences and imagery that she has been working on integrating in her art.

Having moved to Australia in 2013, Andjana developed a keen passion for the Australian landscape and has enjoyed the local art scene ever since. The artist has passionately explored the Australian landscape through line and color. Andjana is interested in understanding the subtle changes in the human psyche that occur when a person moves through a series of places. Her further interest lies in discovering how that mutual interaction of the human being and the landscape shapes both. Andjana is captivated by the never-ending dance of the nature and the human, passionate and loving to be sure, yet mostly violent, and at times exploitative.


 Andjana Pachkova - Artist Statement and CV  (PDF)