* Annette Bukovinsky | Stanley Street Gallery

* Annette Bukovinsky

My practice largely centres on investigating humanity's relationship with nature and the search for a new ecological philosophy that can address the challenges threatening the vitality of our planet.

Much of my work employs the use of clay.  It is a material with a rich history and is known paradoxically for its strength and fragility. I am drawn to its malleability, tactility and even to its defiance! Clay is a material that bears witness to its own state of flux. Given that a ‘state of flux’ reflects my ecological observations, I believe clay has many relatable characteristics that can potentially increase the dialogue regarding the current health of our natural environments.

By utilising traditional hand-building techniques of coiling, pinching and moulding I am able to have a direct and protracted engagement with the clay enabling a more considered articulation of ideas and concepts. My interest in non-conventional surface applications, such as acrylic paint, shoe polish, bitumen and timber stains, feeds my desire to explore the nexus between tradition and innovation, and extend the link between structure, surface and concept. - Annette Bukovinsky



Annette Bukovinsky Artist Statement, Bio & CV (PDF)