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Claire Townsend

For many years Claire has been making jewellery that explores the marks we leave on each other through our interactions. This has previously resulted in two part rings; how they work together and the impressions or marks they leave. This new body of work has moved slightly to focus on memories of Claire's grandmother, using her embroidery as inspiration. Sorting through her grandma’s things after she died, Claire's Aunt wanted to throw out the embroidery that was stained or damaged. Claire saw such beauty in these pieces, and was instantly taken back on a journey not only of her grandmother making them, but then using them so much for celebrations, conversations and the everyday.


This resonated with Claire, as jewellery can function as a picture or feeling that we can carry with us in the same way. This new work uses steel and the inlay process called Ibsa. Using such a hard material juxtaposes the fragility of embroidery and memory. The inlay technique is both obsessive and time consuming, paying homage to the handmade and tradition. Claire lives and works in The Perth hills, surrounded by nature and her family. Claire has been a jewellery educator for the past 15 years, working at University, TAFE and hobby level. Most recently she set up and ran classes from Perth’s first private jewellery school, Contemporary Metal. Claire has a thriving practice selling and exhibiting work around Australia.



ap – ro – pos - Contemporary Jewellery - 3rd October – 20th October 2018




Claire Townsend Artist Statement and CV (PDF)