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Brendon Stewart

Brendon Stewart is a landscape artist whose work explores an expression of a personal connection to place. He lives and works in Sydney and has painted pictures that reflect his deep affinity with his Sydney home.  He has written extensively in both academic and as a more popular author on the idea of home and the poetics of home making. His more recent work extends the experience of place to include the great sweep of the consequences of the Pacific war that involved his family between 1941 and 1946.

Stewart’s work is represented in the Art bank collection and many private collections in Australia and abroad. Brendon Stewart has been the recipient, in collaboration with a small team of other artists, of two Australia Council Community Partnership Visual Arts/Craft awards. He also received an Australia Council oversea studio award to the Milan studio.

Click here Paintings - Brendon Stewart and Claire Primrose  28th October - 21st November 2015 to view exhibition


Click here Bridges and Returning Clouds - 18th Sept – 12th Oct 2013 to view exhibition

Brendon Stewart_Philosophers Walk1 Kyoto-Sydney_Oiloncanvas1420x940 $2,300

Brendon Stewart_Philosophers Walk1 Kyoto-Sydney_Oiloncanvas1420x940 $2,300SOLD

“I have been a student of Zen Buddhism for many years. My practice involves an attention to mindfulness helped by zazen or sitting meditation. But Zen for me is so much more, it involves an attempt to live the Buddha way, it’s an ethical pursuit. There is a rich cultural tradition associated with Zen practice that is deeply, and with great sophistication, present in the imaginary mix of dharma stories”.

As with all metaphor the image, the poem, the theatre alludes to and describes the essence of the bigger story. Buddhists acknowledge that existence is fathomless and infinite and we work and live with this and the Buddha way is an endless journey of discovery.

Bridges, gates, gardens, and the arrangement of flowers, veils and screens are time honoured Zen images that help with the story telling. With this exhibition Stewart has kept to the same mix of motifs that inspired his previous exhibition Bridges and Falling Clouds, at Stanley Street Gallery.

“I am always astonished as I paint how a blank canvas turns into a picture. There is of course my logic within the intension I bring to the composition, still as I work away the picture always, and pleasantly seems to happen magically. The work reveals itself on the surface of the canvas somewhat with the knack of a daydream”.

These paintings have been inspired by time spent in Japan. Stewart draws with Black Japan lacquer, allowing the stream of brown/black liquid to fall away from his drawing tool onto the canvas, which is lying on the studio floor. The consequence of this simple technique is always random and uncertain.

“When we cross over we are going somewhere else. I like to think that the place we’ve come from is just as important as the place we are going towards. In my paintings I am constantly playing with ideas of home and journeying, here and there”.

Passing through a gate or crossing over, by way of a bridge, are recurrent metaphorical images used to describe this Dharma journey.

Tertiary Education
1979-81, Sydney College of the Arts. Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) conferred May 1982.
1982, Sydney College of the Arts. Post Graduate Diploma, conferred May 1983.
1983-86 Masters Degree (Visual Arts), Sydney College of the Arts. conferred March 1987.
1991, University of New England, Department of Aboriginal and Multicultural Studies. Graduate Diploma, Educational Studies.
1995-98 PhD, University of Western Sydney. School of Humanities, conferred May 1999.

Awards and Scholarships
2000 The Visual Arts/Craft Fund of the Australia Council. Community Partnership Award In collaboration with Asia Australia Artist Association and artists Glenys Jackson, Tim Johnson, My Le Thi.
1998 The Visual Arts/Craft Fund of the Australia Council. Community, Environment, Art and Design Award. Artists; Glenys Jackson, Lindy Lee, Brendon Stewart, Tony Coote
1986 Post Graduate Scholarship, Commonwealth Government.
1985, Australia Council Overseas Studio Award, (short list) P.S.I. Studio, New York
1984, Australia Council Overseas Studio Award, Milan Italy

Solo exhibitions
2010 Botany and Bridges Chalk Horse, Sydney
1995 From the Studio, Studio Installation, Sydney
1994 No Resolution. James Harvey Gallery, Sydney
1993 Working a Way, James Harvey Gallery, Sydney
1993 Soul Making, The New England Regional Art Museum, Armidale
1992 Steering a Course, Manning Regional Art Gallery, Taree
1990 Chaos in Australia, University of NSW
1989 Botany, Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery, Sydney
1985 Men don’t make passes at women who ... Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery, Sydney
1984 Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery, Sydney
1983 Questions for History, Performance Space, Sydney
1982 Untitled, The Butchers Exhibit, Sydney

Group Exhibitions
2015 New paintings with Claire Primrose. Stanley Street Gallery.
2013 Bridges and the Return of the Clouds, With Glenys Jacklson. Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney
2000 Gallery artists, James Harvey Gallery, Sydney
1996 Return to Sender, Sydney College of the Arts
1994 Entis Eidos Eco Design Foundation
1988 Christmas Cocktail, Roslyn Oxley 9 Gallery, Sydney
1985 Cultural Convergence, Artspace, Sydney
1983 The Life of Energies, Art Space, Sydney

Artist books
1991 Cat and Dog Artist drawings. Volume 5.
1990 Painting and Doubt in "Mind Moon Circle" Sydney Zen Centre publication
1990 Cuddlegod Artist drawings. Volume 4.
1989 A Kinder Cattledog Artist drawings. Volume 3.
1984 On the Beach No.5. and No.6
1983 Kerb Your Dog artists preliminary drawings.

Public Collections
Art Bank, Sydney.

Private collections
Gowings Collection.
The Lahoud Group collection.
Numerous other collections in Australia and the United States.