Felix Gill | Stanley Street Gallery

Felix Gill

"I have a quirky sense of humor and a unique way of seeing because of it. I am inspired by nature and the phrase “implied symmetry” the same difference of two leaves, trees, or pair of rocks, by modern architecture with open spaces and closed boxes.

As a maker I am influenced greatly by the process and am very happy to let the making process influence the design process, accidental discoveries along the way will often take me in new and entirely different directions. I enjoy the path as much as the destination, maybe even more so." Felix Gill



This series of work is all made from Hand Dyed and Home Anodised Aluminium which gives me a high level of control over the process. The process is an investigation into the lacuna in process; each element was allowed to develop based on the results of the previous action. Each element is different, embodied with the differences left by the makers mark and the artist’s process that embraces a painterly approach to making.