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* Gretal Ferguson

“The disappearance of tools from our common education is the first step toward a wider ignorance of the world of artifacts we inhabit”

Since the beginning of man, people have used their hands to make tools and objects to simplify and enhance their daily lives. Over thousands of years we have repeatedly found new and more efficient ways to produce things. Today, with developments in manufacturing and rapidly advancing technologies, we are at the point where we hardly make anything at all. Craftsmen and artisans have been replaced by machines and factories, pumping out cheaply made and generally inferior goods with a life span far shorter than their handmade counterparts. This industry is supported by an increasingly throw-away society, numb to the acknowledged built in obsolescence of their purchases. Many handmade items are no longer viable when there is a cheap mass produced alternative.

These advances in technology and production have essentially spelt the death of many traditional professions and in others have forced practitioners to “up-skill” in industries that have basically remained the same for hundreds of years.

Schools and universities increasingly prepare students for “knowledge work”, sitting at a computer in an office doing a day’s work with no tangible result at the end of it, no feeling of accomplishment.* Meanwhile, art and craft courses disappear, along with the skills they would have taught. With no-one to pass the knowledge on to, the tradition is lost.



Available Work






Gretal Ferguson- Women’s Work 26th June – 13th July 2019


A Time of Gifts - 3rd December  - 24th December 2014

Hand Raised - Gretal Ferguson and Kinah Choi - 24th of November - 29th of November 2014

Street Jewellery 31st January - 2nd March 2014

A Time of Gifts - 4th December - 22nd December 2013




Gretal Ferguson originally studied Music, attaining a Bachelor degree from the University of Newcastle. Realising this wasn’t her calling, she spent several years traveling, spending months at a time being chased by stick wielding Shifus while studying Kung Fu in China, or working and snowboarding in New Zealand.  When it was time to return to reality Gretal gave in to her ever present passion for making, enrolling in Jewellery and Object Design at Design Centre Enmore.




2011 – 2014       Advanced  Diploma  Jewellery  &  Object  Design Design Centre Enmore

2001 – 2005            Bachelor of Music, University of Newcastle


2013  Treasured!  Jewellery in Australia from Antiquity to Now (working title), Powerhouse Museum, Ultimo, Sydney

2013 Street Jewellery Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney

2012   Mine, Depot Galleries I & II, 2 Danks St Waterloo, Sydney

Jewellery & Object Design @ Stanley Street Gallery, Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst

2011   Benchmark, Depot Galleries  I & II, 2 Danks St Waterloo, Sydney


2012   Finalist  Jewellery Inspired by the Powerhouse Museum Collection, Powerhouse Museum Ultimo, Sydney