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Helen Aitken-Kihnen

Helen Aitken-Kuhnen’s work embodies “boldness and freedom”, it is translated into the quick, darting traces of birds in flight. The colours are muted – soft hues against light sky – with the small figures leaving momentary traces across the sky. Hardly there, and quickly gone from sight.

Most recently Aitken-Kuhnen studied the moriage technique with Tsuruya Sakurai, a process in which the enamel is built into three dimensional layers between cloisonné wires. This technique forms the basis of Aitken-Kuhnen’s Angry Sea Anemone series. As in the Black Cockatoos, Aitken-Kuhnen introduces a slightly whimsical note in these works, this time through a high-keyed palette and simplified geometric patterning.


Available Work


Helen Aitken Kuhnen and Mio Kuhnen - Transfer -  27th February – 16th March 2019