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Jennifer Laracy

There was always something creative going on in my home growing up, so have naturally been guided towards life as a maker of things. I generate ideas through sketching, sometimes in a sort of stream of consciousness. over the years have developed a sort of language of symbols and ideas. Jewellery and art making for me are about figuring things out. as a mother of young children  uninterrupted making time has been rare and longed for, however working in these short bursts has helped shape my practice, leading me often to make small groups of work I think of as still life.


Available Work


Jennifer studied  Visual arts,  major in fine metals, at Whitirea Community Polytechnic,Under the Tutelage of Peter Deckers graduating in 2001, she exhibits regularly in group shows both in New Zealand and internationally.



Handshake Project - Super Positions - 4th April – 28th April 2018


Jennifer Laracy Artist Statement and CV (PDF)