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Margarita sampson

Margarita Sampson’s work carries the indelible impression that sea forms made on the
artist as a young child on Norfolk Island. Forms are soft: they multiply, colonise spaces, change and warp. They droop and split, leaving cavities and supporting structures in a state of un-becoming, re-assessment, compromise. Colours are languorous, decadent, overblown, lolly. Underwater, terrestrial & cellular structures have become melded in a polysensual amalgam of built and grown environments.

Studying at COFA ( B.A Vis Art 1990, MA Vis Art 1992) as a painter, Sampson turned to sculpture in 1997 with the advent of the inaugural Sculpture by the Sea in that year. Finding that sculpture suited her desire to engage with the body on a more visceral level, the artist began working initially in large scale textile installations, going on to become the second woman “Decade Club’ member for Sculpture by the Sea in 2016 . More recent outdoor works in wood, steel & fibreglass have been exhibited at Barangaroo in 2016 and Floriade & Eden Unearthed in 2017 as well as Sculpture by the Sea.

Following her return to Sydney in 2011 after many years overseas, the artist embarked on her successful ‘Infectious Desires’ series, situating textile growths upon compromised gilded chairs and investigating luxury, ecological collapse & the body politic. Pieces from this series garnered international attention & won the Object section of the Waterhouse Art Prize in 2012, were exhibited in a solo show at Stanley Street Gallery in 2015 & selected for the Wynne Prize in 2013, the Blake Prize in 2015 & the Wangaratta Textile Award in 2017. New works in the “ Home & Contents’ series incorporate robotics and soft sculpture, as works negotiate interior spaces, each other and ourselves, looking for love and connection in a fragmented world.



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On Point 13th Sept - 30th Sept 2017

Bourne 5th Oct - 29th Oct 2017

Salon of Infectious Ideas 8th June - 2nd July 2016

Infectious Desires 25th Feb – 14th March 2015




Download Margarita Sampson Artist Statement and CV September 2017 (PDF)