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To create my jewelry, I use objects of every day use, those which surround us everywhere, and are so close to us that we no longer see them. I find these and set them into a new context, so they become visible again. Objects consisting of polymers exist in beautiful colors and forms. If one observes them on a pile, tops of plastic bottles as well as many other items appear like gems, and are full of emotional tension. I try to design my jewelry in such a way that the material connects within itself, using classical jewelry working methods which I apply to the material. This material is still in an almost new state, yet has either been thrown out, or found in scrap yards, containers or recycling plants. Why not use items that already exist in a large amount, and follow their logic, instead of putting new ones into the world? Through my work, I want to primarily make something visible, and secondly, refer to how multi-facetted our society and its paradoxes are, which has become our second nature. Indigenous people historically used seeds and pits to create their jewelry; similarly, my jewels made out of polymers are the seeds and pits of our second nature.


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Solo Exhibition

Nicole Taubinger - What Remains New - 8th July - 1st August 2015

Group Exhibitions

Over Your Head - 13th August - 6th September 2014




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