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* Shaun Hayes

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My art practice revolves around using ceramics to convoy humor. Combining elements of a typical ceramic vessel with slip cast toy parts, molded plastics, and other throw away everyday objects both enhances the individual parts whilst challenging the ideal ceramic vessel. Ceramic shapes that hold significant reference to cultural history and the past and combining them with contemporary objects, humor is created through this juxtaposition. My work responds to this blend of past and present, adored and discarded.

Influenced by a trip to China in 2013, and moved by the juxtaposition of past, present, new and old in the everyday environment. The experience exposed me to traditional ceramic techniques and modern methods of production that cater to a contemporary market. I became interested in the visual dynamic between the unchanging permanence of traditional wares and the seeming impermanence of mass produced miscellanea that creates simultaneous unease and harmony.

Recent works have evolved to not only reference Chinese pottery, but also include Greco Roman influences. The ceramic vessel acts as the base or background, and using the addition of molded doll and toy parts, cut and arranged to act as a decorative feature encasing the work. Through the surreal imagery of dissected doll parts and the use of repetition, the work creates a tension that conveys the sense of unease and harmony that drives my current practice.

Using a combination of open and lidded forms of different sizes and shapes, and adorning them with a variety of miscellaneous objects from plastic toys, dolls and everyday items. Each work has a different finish using either a dry porcelain glaze, to further instill the notion tradition and history, or tinted coloured gloss glaze to highlight features and fine details of the molded plastics. The series includes a selection of smaller works, highlighting some of the individual parts and raising them on a pedestal. Elevating the separate pieces on top of Romanesque pillars to highlight the value of the original object.

Work For Sale in The Stockroom



I Guess This is Growing Up, 18th September – 5th October 2019 - Solo Exhibition

Sydney Contemporary Australasia’s Premier International Art Fair 13th – 16th September 2018

Introducing 3rd February – 24th February 2018

The White Room - 1st – 25th March 2017


Shaun Hayes is a ceramic artist. His work uses imagery taken from toys, popular culture and found traditional ceramic figurines. Cutting up, exchanging, adding and altering elements to create narrative sculptures often with an unearthly and mysterious quality.

His use of molded toy parts juxtaposed against traditional ceramic vessels draws from both ancient history and the everyday, playing and combining imagery through fantasy, humour and skill.

Hayes received a Bachelor of Arts (visual), with Honours majoring in Ceramics from the Australian National University School of Art in 2013. He was awarded an artist residency at Strathnairn Arts in July of 2014 and is still currently producing work there. His trips to Jingdezhen China in 2011 and 2013 informed two bodies of work and continues to be a constant influence.

Most recently Shaun’s work was selected for a group exhibition “Introducing” at Stanley Street Gallery, opening in February 2018.



Shaun Hayes Artist Statement Bio and CV August 2019 (PDF)