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“For me contemporary jewelry is the way to express my self. I create by taking inspiration from the cultural texture and the geography I live in. The diversities and the contrasts of this geography are the colors of my universe & works. I experience the materials and production techniques by blending the contrasts such as the east and the west, the local and the global, the traditional and the modern, the geometric and the organic…”

Kanavice Series 

“Kanavice” is a kind of traditional embroidery, which generally cross-stitched for expressing the feelings and telling stories. The elements of nature, most often flowers are stylized as Kanavice Patterns and each pattern symbolize different feelings. As time passes the means of the expressions has changed and this makes Kanavice fall into oblivion. I reinterpret the Kanavice Embroidery & stylized flowers and I create my new story by using this traditional expression way for Kanavice Series.

During the creation of this series I’ve also questioned the precious concept and how to create preciousness in jewelry. This questioning makes me reinterpret the classical jewelry and recreate it by using re-cycled & colored plastic bottles for transformed Kanavice flowers.”



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Snem Yildirim was born in Ankara / Turkey (1984). She graduated from Gazi University, Department of Architecture, and in 2011 she started to study Architectural Design Master Program at Istanbul Bilgi University.  By Inout Project she produced several art projects within the scope of city and public space. She continued Leather Footwear and Accessories Design Program at Istanbul Moda Academy in partnership with the University of the Arts London. To make her dreams come true she set up her contemporary jewelry studio “Studio Zigzag” with her sister. Currently, she creates Art Jewelry at her studio and is a member of Yaygara Contemporary Art Initiative.


Snem Yildirim Artist Statement and CV (PDF)