Curated By Amber Cresswell BellGenius Loci4th September – 14th September 2019 | Stanley Street Gallery

Curated By Amber Cresswell Bell
Genius Loci

4th September – 14th September 2019

'Genius Loci' is a Latin concept, which translates to the "the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place". In a contemporary context, it is a guiding principle in architecture and garden design – but for this exciting group show the concept is examined by artists. Using the medium of paint, this diverse group of artists will zero in on the magic and mystery of atmosphere as it relates to the still life genre – as well as extending the notion to interiors and landscapes.

Sue Tsoriero - Sam Field - Dylan Jones - Stef Tarasov - Lucy Roleff -  Nadja Kabriel - Jane-Frances Tannock - Adrian Cene

Curated and presented by Amber Creswell Bell.

Exhibition - Genius Loci curated by Amber Cresswell Bell