Andjana PachkovaDie Sehnsucht18th July - 11th August 2018 | Stanley Street Gallery

Andjana Pachkova
Die Sehnsucht

18th July – 11th August 2018



C.S. Lewis once famously described Sehnsucht as “inconsolable longing” in the human heart for “we know not what.”

Die Sehnschut can be roughly translated as “intensely missing”. No equivalent English word—describes deep emotional state. Compound word from “Das Sehnen”—yearning and “Das Seichtum”—long or lingering illness. In psych represents thoughts and feelings about all facets of life that are unfinished or imperfect, paired with a yearning for ideal alternative experiences. “Life’s longings” or individual’s search for happiness while coping with the reality of unattainable wishes. Ambiguous emotional occurrence.


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Artist Statement

I dream of a cloudy castle
Walking up its steps I incline
The churning sea spits underneath
But the door to open I do not find.

Down the river I rush
Cold waves wobble my feet,
Green leaves on the banks call for me
Yet the flow would never retreat.

The neon texts tickle me
Throwing me a digital embrace;
I feel warmly cold together alone
My lover’s touch has been replaced.

Toward the future I scramble and scurry
Along the way I laugh and cry
To a false past I would linger
Wishing for my castle in the sky.

M.H. Herbst

About Andjana Pachkova

Andjana Pachkova was born in Ukraine and at 12 years of age moved with her parents to Moscow, Russia. Growing up in communist Soviet Union was tough, she says, but her parents, although poor, were well educated and ambitious for their daughter. Following Perestroika in the early 1990s she took classes at the Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry.

In 1997 Andjana won a prestigious Davis Fellowship and thus moved to the US to pursue a graduate degree in Liberal Arts (Political Science) at Dartmouth College. While at Dartmouth, Andjana took a visual arts class to enhance her drawing technique. She continued to study art through NYU night courses, and later, further continued her art studies here in Australia through a two year study at Northbridge Visual Art School (NVAS) (earning a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2014); the Willoughby Art Center (WAC); and the Woollahra Waverley Art School (WWAS). At WAC, NVAS and WWAS Andjana studied with such notable local artists as Tony Tozer – her greatest mentor and teacher - Brandt Lewis, Joe Bertini, Idris Murphy and Denis Clarke, among others.

Andjana also continued her Law studies in the US and holds a Master of Law from Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), as well as a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH) and a Bachelor of Law from Moscow International University (Moscow, Russia).

Living in New York Andjana studied and worked as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street, carving out a highly successful career. It was here she also met her husband, all the time continuing with her art studies and practise.

She has lived and studied law and art in many countries and has had a wealth of experiences and imagery that she has been working on integrating in her art. Recently Andjana started developing an interest in printmaking and ceramics which has further informed her understanding of painting and drawing.

Andjana’s personal life has been both greatly blessed and equally challenged. These deeply felt experiences only further fuel the emotion and life in her work.

In 2013 Andjana moved to Sydney with her husband (Martin Herbst, General Manager of Gumtree Australia) and their three

young sons. They now live in Killara, North Sydney and Andjana has her studio base in Balmain.

Andjana Pachkova CV and Bio July 2018 (PDF)