Bridges and Returning CloudsBrendon Stewart - Glenys Jackson18th Sept - 12th Oct 2013 | Stanley Street Gallery

Bridges and Returning Clouds
Brendon Stewart – Glenys Jackson

18th Sept – 12th Oct 2013

Bridges And Returning Clouds explores the mystical and philosophical in two very different ways, with a common link - both artists are Zen Buddhist practitioners.

Brendon Stewart's work explores the influense his experiences in Japan have had, particularly those from Kyoto. The bridges in his paintings are in part a reference to the Philosopher's Walk in Kyoto and also imply other meanings both cultural and philosophical. Brendon Stewart  paints from his home studio in Gladesville, Sydney where the suburban landscape, pailing fences and rooflines look in on his studio.  The paintings are graced with elegant Jaccaranda trees whose oriental forms are seen as the Australian equivilant of  the cherry blossom trees,  heralding the spring.

Glenys Jackson's work is inspired by the ink paintings and poetry of China and Japan,particularly from the Tang and Sung dynasty. Like the Chinese and Japanese artists and poets, Jackson is inspired by the moods of nature, the rhythmic flow of organic patterns in clouds, trees, smoke or the flowing of water.  Water is an example of perpetual flowing and becoming; of constant change, spontaneity and impermanence.