Denis ClarkePreviously Unseen15th May - 1st June 2019 | Stanley Street Gallery

Denis Clarke
Previously Unseen

15th May – 1st June 2019

This Exhibition involves my ongoing dialogue with drawing and painting from nature and the urban environment. Active engagement with a process of looking, through drawing, illuminates the inherent potential for inventing compositions in colour.

I am interested in looking at reality and nature through the act of drawing as a way of engaging and understanding the unique characteristics that nature holds. The most unexpected insights and even inspiration can spring from the seemingly everyday….Colours, tones, shapes and form, previously unseen or imagined maybe there, waiting to be activated.

Intuition and the ‘composition of one’s self ‘, such as , moods,feelings and ideas surely play an important part in informing my work.




Denis Clarke Artist Statement and CV February 2019 (PDF)