Felix GillAn Interrupted Place 5th June – 22nd June 2019 | Stanley Street Gallery

Felix Gill
An Interrupted Place

5th June – 22nd June 2019

Felix Gill

The city has been an uninterrupted place in my life. I am in love with urban places and this was confirmed with me as I travelled. Maybe it’s a connection with the street, its art, architecture and access - the ease and convenience of high density living. From this urban forest I have taken the basic elements for these works. Not just the flotsam and jetsam of life to be reused, but also inspiration from form, colour and texture.

The ideas for an interrupted place began while I was the artist in residency at Sturt Craft Centre in Mittagong. I had struggled with reconciling this beautiful semi-rural place: I was alone in a studio and felt it keenly. I noticed the distance from my city life and I looked at how I could connect the two.

This place and this time is a constant inspiration for art, I struggle to think of an example of art that excludes being made in a place and at a time. With an Interrupted Place I tried to keep this uninterrupted idea at the forefront while I made.

I collect stones from the street and sticks fallen after storms as I wonder around. These become the materials and elements in this series. The stuff I collect filters through the process and is interrupted.

There is a place inside the studio where the playful nature of making extinguishes any hope of design. It is a comforting lacuna of process and is a place when the studio, collected materials and accumulated technique explode into personal creativity. Within these moments, there is no interrupted place between outcome and process, material and concept. During these moments, I come alive and am at one with my studio. The studio ceases to be combative and becomes a productive collaborator and the making is easy and uninterrupted. - Felix Gill, 2019.  


Gill was born in Auckland, New Zealand, before moving to Newcastle, New South Wales where his father went to art school. Having grown up in a household that was supportive and creative, Gill was encouraged to follow a career in the arts.

In the early 90’s, Gill studied Product Design at the Design Centre Enmore, before completing an advanced diploma in Jewellery and Object Design. Gill continued his study as an undergraduate with the Jewellery and Metal studio at Sydney Collage of the Arts, graduating with first class honours in 2013.

In 2008, Gill exhibited in his first Jewellery Exhibition and since then he has continued to exhibit regularly and in 2012 co-curated The Final Frontier exhibition and has coordinated the JMGA NSW (Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia) Christmas showcase.

In 2012 Gill accepted an exchange scholarship to the Glasgow School of Art.

2014 saw Gill accepting the artist in residency at the Sturt Centre for Australian Craft and Design in the southern highlands of Sydney, presented to him for his entry into the Australian Jewellery Award.

Currently Gill coordinates the communal studios and operations at Gaffa Creative Precinct while continuing his dedication to a studio practice.


Felix Gill Artist Statement and CV April 2019