Head On Photo FestivalTed GrambeauSEALEVELThe Art of Awareness26th April - 20th May 2017 | Stanley Street Gallery

Head On Photo Festival
Ted Grambeau
The Art of Awareness

26th April – 20th May 2017
Ted Grambeau, Sealevel #183,100 x 100cm, Giclee Print on Fine Art Paper Moab Somerset Museum Rag (300gsm), Unframed $5,800, Framed $6,400 - Signed Limited Edition 1of5

Ted Grambeau, Sealevel #183,100 x 100cm, Giclee Print on Fine Art Paper Moab Somerset Museum Rag (300gsm), Unframed $5,800, Framed $6,400 - Signed Limited Edition 1of5

SEALEVEL - 'The Art of Awareness' is a personal photographic project documenting the ocean at sea level.

A dynamic body of work that has evolved from a lifetime journey of being deeply immersed in the ocean, observing the nuances of light, it’s complexities and varying interactions with the elements. A project close to my heart, my place of work - reflective images documenting the truth of an event: the invisible nature of climate change.

Driven by the rising sun of possibilities, I’m at the waters edge before dawn, at sea level wherever I am on the planet.

Through my lens I’ve captured magical moments, dancing light and glimpses of the sea – a personality so expressive that each image is beyond unique in tone and form.

My wish is to bring awareness to one of the major environmental issues of our time, the global event of climate change and the silent rise in our sea level through the medium of Fine Art Photography.

It’s my pleasure to announce that this SEALEVEL Exhibition Series is being presented as Limited Edition prints. Photographic images that are purely abstract by nature featuring subtle expressions of colour play with a myriad of hues reflecting the mood of each new day.

“A symphony of light dancing across the oceans surface”.


About Ted Grambeau

Ted Grambeau is an internationally renowned surf adventure photographer. Shooting advertising, fashion and action in some of the most remote regions on the planet for the last 40 years. Exploring the globe for surf from the most unlikely areas like Iceland to Russia, Mozambique to Madagascar.

With a formal photographic background from RMIT University in Melbourne Australia and assisting legendary Magnum photographer Burt Glinn in New York, Ted’s style has a solid technical foundation. Combine this with the influence of photojournalism – capturing the integrity of a moment via the truth on an image.

Ted’s commercial clients range from Apple, Rip Curl, Speedo, Red Bull, Nikon, Quiksilver, Zoggs, Billabong, BMW and lifestyle brand Patagonia to name but a few. With experience as a waterman from years of photographing in surf in the impact zone, Ted now translates this knowledge to abstract water photography, fashion, advertising and editorial assignments in and around the water.


Ted Grambeau - Image by Trent Mitchell

Ted Grambeau - Image by Trent Mitchell



Illustrative Photography - RMIT University Melbourne, Australia.


Life, observation and world travel - the journey.


Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sebastião Salgado, Burt Glinn, Walter Iooss, Howard Schatz, Art Brewer, Neil Davis, Peter Lindenberg.


The Surfer and the Mermaid - Australia
Bleach Arts & Culture Festival - Gold Coast
Sealevel Pipeline Gallery - Hawaii
AFrame Gallery - California.


‘Masters of Surf Photography - Ted Grambeau’
‘The Surfer and the Mermaid’


AquaTech Waterhousing and Manfrotto.

GUEST SPEAKER (National/International)

Nikon, Apple and AquaTech Waterhousing.

CLIENTS (National/International)
30+ years of Professional Commercial Photography

Apple, Rip Curl, Billabong, Speedo, Quiksilver, Patagonia, BMW, Corona, Balter Brewers, Zoggs, Nikon, PhaseOne, Manfrotto - National Geographic, AquaTech Waterhousing, Canon, Valley Eyewear, Oakley, Dragon, Nev House, Needs Essential, The Potting Shed, The Lane, Aquadeus Swimwear - to name a few.


1991 - 2016 Rip Curl ‘The Search’
1991 - Rip Curl ‘Searching for Tom Curren’
1994 - Beyond Boundaries
1995 - Rip Curl ‘Feral Kingdom
1999 - Quiksilver ‘The Crossing’
2001 - Billabong ’The Odyssey’
2005 - Rip Curl ’The Art of the Search’ BMW South Americas
2006 - Somewhere : 42 North Iceland
2006 - ’Shelter’ Chris Malloy
2011 - Rip Curl ‘Seven Ghosts’
2011 - Rip Curl ‘Tip 2 Tip’
2013 - Rip Curl Mick Fanning ‘Missing’
2015 - Point Break (the movie) - Tahiti

LOCATIONS (the ones that come to mind)

Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Liberia, Morocco, Cape Verdi, Iceland, Easter Island, Chile, Azores Islands, Cannery Islands, Galapagos, Tahiti, US, Cook Islands, Fiji, PNG, Maldives, USSR, Russia, Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Cuba, UK, Scotland, Norway, Svalbard, Reunion, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Mauritius, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Micronesia, Vietnam, Uganda, Rwanda, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, Israel, France, Taiwan, Canada.


40 years of Professional Surf Photography
Numerous covers every year: Surfer Magazine - US publication, Surfing Life - Australian, Surfing - US, Surfing World - Australian, Surf Session - French, Carve - UK, Surf - Portugal, Tres-60 - Spanish, Surfers Journal - US, Surf Europe, Zig Zag - South Africa, Inside Sport - Australian, Great Ocean Quarterly - Australian

EDITORIAL FEATURES (print/digital) 1985 - 2017

Numerous features every year
Surfer Magazine, Surfing Life, Surfing World Magazine, Surfing, Surf Session Publication, Carve, Surf Magazine, Tres-60, Surfers Journal, Surf Europe, Zig Zag, Inside Sport, Great Ocean Quarterly, Tracks, Blue, White Horses, Slow Magazine, Adventure Journal, Outside Magazine, Mens Health, Mens Journal, Monster Children, Communication Arts, Capture, Stab, Photo Review, Radical Surf Magazine, Stanford Magazine Stanford University, Swell and numerous surf photography platforms, Summersite, Empire Avenue, ESPN, The Lane and Staf Magazine, Canon, PhaseOne, AquaTech, Nikon, PDN (Photo District News) New York - Sports Photography, Communication Arts - Landscape/Seascape Photography.

IN PRINT (hard cover/paperback/magazine)

Tip 2 Tip, The Reverse V, Focus on Australia - Lumix, Surfing Life Swimwear Issues (annually), Surfers Journal, Surf for your life Mick Fanning by Tim Baker, Chain of Fire Surfing World, Parko + Friends, Transmission Surfing World, Ocean Surfing Life, Red Bull, Switch Foot, Rip Curls 25th Anniversary Book, Graphic U.S., Teahupoo Surfing Life, Australian’s Century of Surf.

Photography is more than a passion, it is my Life.

For over forty years I’ve been consumed by this thing they call ‘photography’, capturing moments in time. From my initial darkroom experience where an image appeared as if by magic, to being first published in 1977 and eventually being paid to do the very thing I loved doing the most. Like all addictions, it came with a price, it consumed my every thought. I sacrificed a house and land, and countless relationships all for my obsession.

The bright side of being a gypsy nomad for a couple of decades was the gift of freedom, a lifestyle of travel and discovery, a richness of moments captured, a gift of imagery I now feel compelled to share.

My life’s journey has taken me to nearly 100 countries, exhausted over a dozen passports and filled my world with many and varied friendships from different cultures in some of the most remote places on the planet. The ocean became my office, life became a postgraduate course in ‘How to live life to the fullest expression’.

Quite a significant moment, I guess you could say a defining moment, was the loss of my parents at a relatively young age. A cloud of urgency moved in, no time like the present to chase your dreams, follow your heart. So I did just that. I quit the Economics degree I was studying and turned my focus to photography and then to travelling the world - I haven’t looked back since.

Aligning my philosophy of life, surf adventure and exploration with likeminded companies saw relationships built with brands as the Surf Industry grew. Rip Curls ‘The Search’, Billabongs ‘The Odyssey’ and Quiksilvers ’The Crossing’ campaigns afforded me the opportunity to take my travels to the ends of the earth. These epic adventure expeditions all held the unspoken rule ‘discretion of location’ which to this day is paramount in my philosophy on surf exploration.

Like a wave, life has a beginning, middle and an end, a destined path in perpetual motion, so too is the journey of photography. The journey of learning, applying, mastering and sharing, but none of which will flow without a dream and vision fuelled by passion and integrity.

Influenced by the Masters Henri Cartier-Bresson and Sebastião Salgado early in my photographic journey, it’s now a privilege to be an influencer to the aspiring - there are lessons to be learnt and time to be done. Staying true to your own path, developing your own signature will only come with time.

I feel my contribution is best expressed via my photography. My most recent personal project has been created as a result of my photographic journey. SEALEVEL - The Art of Awareness is a dynamic body of work that has evolved from a lifetime journey of photography. With a sophisticated understanding of light and it’s various expressions – refraction, reflection and absorption.

Through my lens I’ve captured magical moments, dancing light and glimpses of the ocean. A project close to my heart, my place of work - reflective images documenting the truth of an event: the invisible nature of climate change and the rise in sea level. My wish is to bring awareness to this major environmental issue through the medium of Fine Art Photography.