Headon Photo FestivalBetween Heaven and EarthShunzan Fan 29th April – 16th May 2015 | Stanley Street Gallery

Headon Photo Festival
Between Heaven and Earth
Shunzan Fan

29th April – 16th May 2015

Catalogue and Floor Sheet - Shunzan Fan

Between heaven and earth - Photography exhibition that demonstrates the aspirations of common Chinese.

What makes one's identity, the daily ground one walks on or the higher air one aspires and desires? This is basically the topic of the interesting photo series- '现实给了梦想多少时间?' 'how much time does reality allow for a dream to exist?', which has been recently exposed in the Chinese media and brought some smiles, some bitter, some hopeful, to the viewing audience.

'How much time reality gives a dream' or 'how much time does reality allow a dream?' is a new photography series by Fan Shunzan, who has presented this work at the Pingyao International Photography Festival (平遥摄影节) this year. A simple format, letting Chinese people, mostly of lower classes, to be shot next of a background that represents their aspiration, while the ground is the less inspiring reality where their daily lives takes place.Looking at the pictures brings about some sarcastic and pessimistic flavours, as first one notices the colourful promising background, sensing that the subject fits it well, and then, through the 'ground level' and the attached information given, it is understood how much distant the 'dream' actually is. On the other hand, if poor hardworking people can be inspired and match the background so well, then perhaps this also illustrates their open dreamful heart. Although there is a clash between the desired and the real identities, they seem to peacefully coexist within the photographed subjects, and probably within many Chinese who maintain some dreams.As it can be seen, some dreams have to do with 'elevating' to a higher class and quality of life, while other are more modest and refer to visiting a place and enjoying a different experience, even if for a short instance:


About Shunsan Fan

After my graduation in 2006, I went to France and stayed there for two years. I was living underneath a stair at low cost, I was trying to get some work and save some money so not to rely on my family.At that time, I realized life is not easy.On one hand, I was pursuing my dreams; and on the other hand, I have to maintain the realistic life. This series is my experience of reality.

We all have been asked to write an essay “My Dream” when we were in primary school, and the answers were all kinds. to be a scientist, a dream to go to the moon and the Mars, dream to be the teacher, and so on. A few decades later, t a classmates reunion party, houses, cars, children’s international schools, famous limited edition bags were the topics to talk about. We misunderstood desires and dreams. Dream became a unreachable word unnoticeably .

I think the dream is positive energy, it is so moving to make effort for dreams . it is not so important whether the dream can come true or not . dream cannot be waited.

This series of work are all staged pictures . to the black and white images first ,and manually color them . it is such a big conflict between the fairy tale color and facial expression in the pictures ,every ordinary people can find their resonance .