Headon Photo FestivalRoberto Fernández-IbáñezMountains of Uncertainty27th April - 14th May 2016 | Stanley Street Gallery

Headon Photo Festival
Roberto Fernández-Ibáñez
Mountains of Uncertainty

27th April – 14th May 2016



I always liked landscapes, both the natural and the imaginary ones. I walk in the first ones with my body, and with my mind in the latter.

But there are mountains and valleys in which we go through without knowing it. They are unpredictable, unstable and sometimes discouraging. In them we are but data, dots in a fictitious landscape not created by Nature but by human mind’s abstraction.

I reject the language used to show trends, its statistical models and their projections. But even though their materialistic look, I perceive a kind of aesthetic behind the graphs and their changing geometry. Mountains and mathematical graphs: landscapes similar in shape, but opposite in essence. Behind the ephemeral financial status of companies or countries and the changes in environmental and social trends, lays the serene presence of perennial, undulated mountains that call me to inner peace and reflection.

So, when the heavy weight of technology, speculation and political interests exhausts me, I search and find shelter in my own mountains. I mold and print them like a hermit in the red cavern of my darkroom, as a cave artist would do.

Based in the real, my mountains belong to an imaginary world, an inner space that beats in my hands and in the memory of that hominid ancestor who followed the creative impulse that we today call art.


Artist Biography

I was born in 1955 in Montevideo, Uruguay. I am self-taught in Photography. My interests are the frontier between the real and the imaginary, the search for meaning, human condition, and environment.

My work was published in "Image and Memory -Latin American Photography 1866-1994" Rice Univ Press USA; "PhotoWorld Magazine China: Roberto Fernández-Ibáñez, Renaissance Man" by Alasdair Foster Cultural Development Consulting, Australia; "Alaska Editions" London UK, and Lens Culture, Amsterdam; Premio Descubrimientos del Festival de la Luz, Ediciones Lariviere, Argentine.

I exhibited at FotoFest International Discoveries, Houston USA in 2007, 2015 and 2016; Lianzhou Foto Festival 2014, China; Biennial Fotográfica Bogotá 2015, Colombia; Yale University, New Haven CT, USA; Centro Cultural Recoleta, Argentine, FotoWeek Washington DC, among other places worldwide, and I was Winner of the International Portfolio Review at the Festival of Light in Argentine in 2004 and 2014. My work is in the permanent collection of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston TX, USA, and in the FoLA (Latin American Fototeca), Buenos Aires, Argentine, and private collections worldwide. I was invited to show two of my recent series in the Biennial FotoFest 2016 ‘Changing Circumstances’.

I live in Solymar, a Uruguayan seaside, where I have my home and darkroom.


I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1955. I studied Chemistry and I am self-taught in Photography. I develop and print my works using my own formulas, making each of them unique.

Besides Photography, I design and make artist’s books that include haiku and prose of my authorship, drawing, calligraphy, photography and mixed media.

I am interested in the frontier between the real and the imaginary, mythology, symbolism, metaphor as an expressive tool, the environment, and the human condition’s search for transcendence.

To quest, to investigate, and to give an aesthetical answer: these are my aims and leitmotivs.


FotoFest Biennial 2016 ‘Changing Circumstances’, Houston TX, USA
FotoFest International Discoveries 2015, Houston TX, USA
Biennial 2015 Fotográfica Bogotá, Casa Cano Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia
Lianzhou Foto Festival 2015, China
The Museum of Latin-American Art of the O.A.S., Washington D.C., USA
Hillyer Art Space, FotoWeek Washington DC, USA
Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston TX, USA
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
FotoGalería of CTBA Teatro San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentine
Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentine
Arte x Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentine
Foto Galería Municipal Center, Provincia of Santa Fe, Argentine
La Rábida Museum, Huelva, Spain
ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
National Museum of Visual Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay
Municipal Exhibitions’ Center, Montevideo
CdF Center of Photography, Montevideo
Museum of Migrations, Montevideo
Museum Juan Manuel Blanes, Montevideo
Museum and Municipal Historical Archive (Cabildo), Montevideo
Galería ‘A Cielo Abierto’ of CdF, Montevideo
Hall of Ministerial of Education and Culture, Montevideo
FotoClub Uruguayo, Montevideo
Sala Carlos Sáez of Ministerial of Transport, Montevideo
Gallery and Museum La Puerta de San Juan, Montevideo
Galería of Notariado, Montevideo
National Library, Montevideo
Centro Cultural de México, Montevideo
Centro Cultural Kavlin, Maldonado, Uruguay
Fundación Atchugarry, Maldonado, Uruguay
Espacio Cultural San José de Mayo, Uruguay

I was Honored Guest at FotoFest '92 Houston, Texas U.S.A.
Winner of International Forum Portfolio Review at Festival of Light, Argentine, in 2004 and 2015
Featured Artist at Biennial 2015 Fotográfica Bogotá, Colombia
Invited to exhibit at FotoFest International Discoveries in 2007 and in 2015, Houston TX USA
I was Exhibiting Artist at Biennial FotoFest 2016 ‘Changing Circumstances’, Houston TX USA
First Prize at V Municipal Hall of Arts, Montevideo, Uruguay.
I received the Morosoli Award in Arts, Uruguay, in recognition to my artistic trajectory in art and my contribution to Uruguayan Culture.

My work is cited in anthologies and publications such as

"Alaska Editions #2 – Contemporary Photography" (Londres, United Kingdom)
"Image and Memory: Photography from Latin America 1866-1994" (Houston, U.S.A.) "Orientalism in Hispano-American Modernism". Araceli Tinajero, Purdue University Press, U.S.A
"Premio Festival de la Luz" (Larivière Editions, Argentine)
"Foto Mundo Magazine", Argentine
"Dossier Magazine", Uruguay
"Uruguayan Art: From the Masters to our days", Uruguay
"PhotoWorld Magazine", China. “Renaissance Man”, interview made by Alasdair Foster, Principal at Cultural Consulting Development, Australia.

My work is in collections in Argentine, Brazil, U.S.A., Russia, Peru, Spain, France, Canada and Uruguay, in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, U.S.A., and in the FoLA (Latin American Fototeca) Collection, Buenos Aires, Argentine.

Roberto has been generously supported by the Uruguay Embassy to attend the Headon Photo Festival 2016