INTRODUCING 2nd February - 23rd February 2019 | Stanley Street Gallery


2nd February – 23rd February 2019

Introducing 3 exciting new Artists - Agus Wijaya, Jimin Hong and Louise Allerton. Each year Stanley Street Gallery presents the work of recently graduated artists or artists who are at the beginning of their art career.  Introducing has gained a reputation for uncovering some very talented artists working in a variety of mediums. This year’s show is bound to excite collectors and those looking to start their collection.

Agus Wijaya is a multimedia artist and story teller who uses a combination of light boxes and painting to great effect. Born in Indonesia with Chinese heritage, Wijaya incorporates a narrative of symbols and gestures which reflect this mix of heritage and culture. Primarily focussed on portraiture, the works explode with colour and emotion.

“I love telling stories in my paintings. Whether it’s through symbolism, gesture, colours or characters. While I always paint as honestly as possible, I realise that each painting is just my impression of them” Agus Wijaya

Jimin Hong is a recent graduate from the National Art School in Darlinghurst with a BA in fine Arts majoring in ceramics. At the beginning of her artist career Hong is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.  Four works have been selected for this exhibition, Hong explores the idea of making light of dark subject matter; each work presents an uncomfortable tale, juxtaposed with a “cute” aesthetic, creating a sense of the uncanny that invites the viewer in.

Louise Allerton is also a recent graduate of the National Art School Darlinghurst, with a Masters of Fine Art majoring in printmaking and photo media. The works selected are the result of two years of exploration into alternative dimensions. These exquisite anaglyph photo media works can be viewed either with or without the use of 3D glasses however viewing as anaglyphs with the 3D glasses creates dimensionality and movement.  A ‘must see’ body of work.


Agus Wijaya Artist Statement and CV (PDF)

Louise Allerton Artist Statement and CV (PDF)

Jimin Hong Artist Statement and CV  (PDF)