Amaya Lang; Tom Christophersen; Ryan Saunderson; Yioryios

Amaya Lang – Tom Christophersen – Yioryios – Ryan Saunderson

6th Feb – 5th Mar 2016

Stanley Street Gallery is pleased to INTRODUCE 4 new artists; painters Tom Christophersen and Ryan Saunderson, ceramicist Amaya Lang and maker of wearable art, sculpture and painting Yioryios


Ryan Saunderson

it fell from the tree
weighed the wind against the breeze
counted itself against nothing else
and ran in pieces with its tail sailed
off into the corner
stored in tupperware, unaware
its freshness caught in a plastic stare

it fell from the tree
and the arrow skewered the head of the observer
bounced off the dam
built its own set of hands
and trapped the steal with a sideways glance

it fell fro the tree
broke its arms against its knees
coloured in its a home
with sentry flavoured loam
and decided not to grow

it fell from the tree
stuck in a web that flowers the tree
issued warnings storming
aped and able to stable fables
and stood knee high above the ground

‘Tell the truth but tell it slant’ - Emily Dickinson

Tom Christophersen is petrified of beautiful things and death. It is primarily the car-crashing of these two themes which permeate the hyper-realistic, almost surrealistic, often dark portraits he produces. In a world of instant gratification and ‘fast art’, Tom aims to bring focus back to things that take a very long time to draw, paint or make, and that are of a level of detail which demands an intimate level of engagement from the viewer. Tom hopes his traditional, technical approach, combined with the modern figures he creates (representing grey areas surrounding gender, sexuality, beauty and isolation) provide a fresh, immediate offering to portraiture and indeed representation of the self. Tom’s work asks if you would please lean a little closer for a better look and rethink something you thought was quite harmless, because, as it turns out, it is not.


TOM CHRISTOPHERSEN is an actor, artist and general arts atrocity. Hailing from Adelaide, Tom grew up performing in Fringe Festivals from a young age. Tom completed his Visual Arts degree, specialising in painting, in 2008 at the South Australian School of Art (SASA) before moving to Sydney to attend drama school at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Art (AADA). After graduating from drama school Tom has created award winning portraiture and has performed in art events such as Marina Abramovic’s Project 30 with Kaldor Public Art Projects. Tom has exhibited across the country and has created bespoke commissions for Lady GaGa, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and various Australian based fashion and art houses. Tom is inspired by Twin Peaks, dark-streaks and beautiful things which are bad for your health.

I have a morbid fascination with my own vulnerable corporeality and aim to exploit the abject humour and mutability of the body. Sculptural forms, sound and light are utilised as visceral responses to the body, interpreting the innards as an alien presence in relation to the mind/body gap.

Amaya Lang had her second solo show Fishy at 107 projects in April 2015. She has shown at ANCA Gallery in Canberra in June, Underbelly Arts in August and Sydney Contemporary Art Fair in September 2015.She has a background in media arts and is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in sculpture at UNSW Art & Design.

My works has been derived from the inside pillars of the Sydney Opera House. Sourcing and identifying the uniform shapes through the building inherent patterns. Stripping away the form, leaving only shapes and lines that vary in weight, colour and direction.

Yioryios unique wearable ART captures the interplay of form, light and shadow allowing the wearer to be part of the artwork.  Mutability underpins the ever-evolving free form helixes and spirals engaging volume and space, colour and surface that opportunistically devolve from out-takes from architecture.

Each piece is entirely handcrafted & unique.



2014                           Honours in Visual Arts, Majoring in Painting, at The Australian National University

2011 to 2013              Bachelor of Visual Arts, Majoring in Painting, at The Australian National University

2013                           Exchange program at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts Paris


2015       Finalists in the 'Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize' 2015

2015       Studio Residence Award 'Square 1 Studios'

2014       Alliance Francaise Exhibition Award

2014       Strathnairn Arts Exhibition Award

2014       Belconnen Arts Centre Exhibition Award

2014       Emerging Artists Support Scheme Award

2014       Acquisition Award

2014       Finalist in the QT Art Prize

2013       Emerging Artists Support Scheme Award

2013       Acquisition Award

2013       Artwork acquired by the Australian Embassy (Paris) for its own private collection

2011        Winner of the Art Gallery of New South Wales Picasso Prize

2011        Featured in the National Gallery of Australia Sculpture day

2011        Featured in the Australian National University Newspaper “Woroni”

2010       Winner of the “I Heart Kirribilli Art Prize”


2015      ‘Painting In Paris’ Exhibition Canberra Contemporary Art Spac CCAS - CANBERRA

2015      'Capturing Inherent Patterns' Exhibition Belconnen Arts Centre - CANBERRA

2015      'CAPO Emerging Artists' Prize' Group Exhibition M16 Gallery - CANBERRA

2015      'PAINT15' Group Exhibition Artereal Gallery - SYDNEY

2014       'Light Space' Group Exhibition - CANBERRA

2014       Graduating Exhibition, The Australian National University School of Art - CANBERRA

2014       'Works on Paper' Group Exhibition - CANBERRA

2014        Bay 9 Gallery - SYDNEY

2013        Graduating Exhibition, The Australian National University School of Art - CANBERRA

2013        Graduating Exhibition, École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts Paris  - PARIS