…INTRODUCINGClaire Primrose – Kate Dambach – Katherine Buljan – Sarah Harvie7th Feb – 21st Feb 2015 | Stanley Street Gallery

Claire Primrose – Kate Dambach – Katherine Buljan – Sarah Harvie

7th Feb – 21st Feb 2015

Stanley Street Gallery is pleased to INTRODUCE 4 new artists; 3 painters and a sculptor.

Claire Primrose_The.Perfect.Day21014_12 copy

Claire Primrose ” I am interested in the surprise element, or the “happy accident” that can only be found with bold experimentation and calculated risk.”  CV & ARTISTS STATEMENT - Claire Primrose

KateDambach_ABlessedUnrest_2014_Oils_30x30cm web

Kate Dambach “My current body of work is a meditation on the pause at the end of the breath. I explore the idea of isolated transitional spaces and how they hold the essence of the moment.” CV & ARTIST STATEMENT - KATE DAMBACH

K Buljan_Dreamland Magic II_2012:13_OilOnLinen_51x56cm webimage

Katharine Buljan “The theme of spirituality is present in my recent series of paintings (‘From Myths to Beliefs’); this time it has been inspired to a great extent by my theoretical research into Shinto, a Japanese native religion, and its stories from Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) and Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan).”CV AND ARTIST STATEMENT - Katherine Buljan

SarahHarvie.BloodLines.2014.Glass&Polyurethane.400mmx150mm Web

Sarah Harvie “I like to see the moment when individuals abandon their ideas surrounding the object and begin to experience it in a sensory and experiential way.” CV & ARTIST STATEMENT - SARAH HARVIE



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