LIGHT MOODS SOUTHMikiNobu Komatsu10th Sept - 27th Sept 2014 | Stanley Street Gallery

MikiNobu Komatsu

10th Sept – 27th Sept 2014

This exhibition is based on MikiNobu Komatsu’s book LIGHT MOODS SOUTH. are from the South Island of New Zealand, and were photographed over a few decades; as a result of his long love affair across the Tasman.

“I developed a passion to capture my emotional response on film when encountering the extraordinary scenes in various rich light in the South Island. My emotional response also culminated in my personal haiku(Japanese poem, in English) to go with each image. All the works for in this exhibition are selected from the book, along with haiku which, I believe, adds another dimension to the work.”

MikiNobu Komatsu 2014

All the photographs exhibited are Cibachrome, direct print from transparency film, that hasn’t gone through any digital process. Cibachrome has not only proven to be the most archival photographic print around for 50 years but is also considered to be the most beautiful with its depth and richness in colour due to the special layers of dye and not the chemicals. As digital cameras and photographs have become more popular, production of Cibachrome stopped a couple of years ago, hence they have become rare and more precious nowadays.


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About the Artist

MikiNobu Komatsu was born in Japan and educated in Tokyo and New York. After finishing his Japanese education, MikiNobu left Japan in 1977 and moved to Sydney where he currently resides.

MikiNobu’s photography and film production work has taken him to New Zealand at lease a few times a year for the past 30 years, such that he considers New Zealand as his second home.

MikiNobu first shot landscapes in colour in Australia and New Zealand. Travelling extensively to other parts of the world evoked another genre of interest; photojournalism - much of which he shoots in black and white.  Whatever the shot it’s the emotional essence of the subject that MikiNobu is always passionate about capturing.