Mind and MatterEmma Leslie - Genevieve Reynolds - Kylie Spear5th Feb - 22nd Feb 2014 | Stanley Street Gallery

Mind and Matter
Emma Leslie – Genevieve Reynolds – Kylie Spear

5th Feb – 22nd Feb 2014

Three female emerging artists from three separate disciplines are linked in Mind and Matter, through a shared fascination for the relationship between the human body and mind.

Through drawing, painting, photography and video, each artist uniquely expresses the link between internal mind and the outer, physical world, using gesture, colour and form. Kylie Spear's meditative and delicate actions encourage reflection and shift our perceptions of time. Genevieve Reynolds' floral abstractions emerge and recede in darkness, alluding to the interior and intimate, while Emma Leslie's manual gestures marry with light to create abstract planes of colour and shadow; frozen portraits of passion.

Emma Leslie - Artist Statement 

this. . . is a homage to photography’s disappearing materiality.

this. . . is my lament for colour analogue technology.

this. . . is a photogram; a photograph without a negative.

this. . . is a crumpled piece of light sensitive paper.

this. . . is evidence of gesture.

this. . . is an image of itself.

this. . . is an abstraction.

this. . . is light.

this. . .

In response to the demise of photography’s colour analogue printing, this. . . investigates light and gesture through photographic chemical processes. Using a technique exclusive to analogue technology these photograms involve physically manipulating light sensitive paper in total darkness before being exposed to light and chemically developed. Without a negative these photograms explore composition, gesture and the atmospheric qualities of light through the evocation of landscapes. Employing these tactile processes reinstates the fingerprint of the artist in this now digitally dominated medium.

Genevieve Reynolds - Artist Statement

Fecund, floral forms float suspended in space, emerging from enveloping darkness. Saturated colours and organic shapes allude to the bodily and psychologically internal and private. Informed by still lifes of the Renaissance, the gestural compositions hover between the abstract and figurative, mimicking ambiguous and crystallised intention and thought.

Kylie Spear - Artist Statement

My current studio practice explores the philosophical possibilities of drawing, line and and mark-making. I approach drawing from an expanded perspective; that is, drawing using media not necessarily associated with traditional understandings of the medium. I view the line as a conceptual tool of both connection and division, capable of uniting disparate elements and creating boundaries between the familiar.




2009 – 2012 Bachelor of Photography with Honours (First Class)
Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.
2010 Studied one semester at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada.

Solo Exhibitions

2013 this. . . ,  The Queensland Centre of Photography, Brisbane.
2013 this. . . , Performance Frontiers,  Brisbane.
2012 Nocturnes, The Queensland Centre of Photography, Brisbane.

Group Exhibitions

2013 For Want of a Better Word, The Hold Gallery, Brisbane.
2013 Mortal: Immortal , The Hold Gallery, Brisbane.
2013 Nightwatch, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne.
2013 Art snack, Diagram and Gone at Dusk at Southbank, Brisbane.
2012 Up Start: QCA Honours Photography Graduate Exhibition, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane.
2011 Finalist in the GAS: Graduate Art Show, Queensland College of Art, Brisbane.


2011 Dimensions NC Photography Award, Nudgee College.
2011 National Association for the Visual Arts Ignition Prize.

Genevieve Reynolds

Academic Achievements

Bachelor of Photography (Fine Art) 2010 Academic Excellence Awards 2008, 2009, 2010 Godfrey Rivers Medal for Highest Achieving Studio Practice 2010

Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) 2011



Let’s Talk About Us, Griffith University Art Gallery, September.

Let’s Talk About Us, Carriageworks (Sydney Contemporay Art Fair), September.

New Aquisitions II, Fort Delta, Melbourne, July. !!

Mortal Immortal, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane, April. !!


! IEDAS, Harvest Music Festival, November. !! ! Congratulation Sensation, Judith Wright Center, October. !! ! RGBCMYK, Bleeding Hearts Gallery, June. !! ! 04 4783 8490, Ryan Renshaw Window Box, April. !! ! Oh Video, South Bank (projected), February. !! 2011

! With Baited Breath, Griffith University, December. !! ! Know Your Product, Nine Lives, September. !!Other Projects

Co-founder and director of the Artist Run Initiative ‘Diagram’ (2011-present)

DIAGRAM is an Artist-Run Initiative based across Sydney and Brisbane, comprised of three young art practitioners. We aim to promote quality contemporary art from emerging practitioners while encouraging dialogue and fostering professional relationships within local art communities.

Art Snack (October 2012 - February 2013)

Managed Art Snack, a pop up art shop on Grey Street. This shop showcased a rotating exhibition of local emerging artists’ work. Only small scale work was stocked, and all work was priced under $250.

Ryan Renshaw (June 2011 – June 2012)

Curated eleven Window Box exhibits at Ryan Renshaw Gallery, showcasing emerging local and international artists.

The Salon (stage one, ongoing)

! The Salon (stage one) is an ongoing series of private artist discussion groups, for ! artists by artists, in an intimate and informal setting. This project aims to provide artists ! with critical ! dialogue, feedback and encourage new professional relationships. ! Currently there have been six Salons, each with four presenting artists.

The Salon (stage two, ongoing) ! ! The Salon (stage two) is an ongoing series of public artist lectures given to an audience ! in their exhibiting space. Audience participation is encouraged. These have been held ! at the Art Snack pop-up gallery (South Bank), The Hold (West End) and UQ Art ! museum (St Lucia).

Let’s Talk About Us

! Let’s Talk About Us is an interactive art game that encourages and facilitates intimate and sincere dialogue between two strangers. A member of Diagram sits on a couch and invites members of the audience to sit with them and draw a card from a deck. The cards each display an intimate question, which most parties must answer. For example, “When was the last time you made someone cry?,” “Do you think you’re good at sex”? “Are you happy?” The artwork was performed at the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2013, Carriageworks, and Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane.

Kylie Spear

Education and Training

2012        Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours, First Class, Griffith University.


Solo Exhibitions

2013        The Space Between Thoughts, Constance ARI, Hobart, TAS.


Selected Group Exhibitions

2014        Mind and Matter, Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW, upcoming.

2013        Crossing borders: video art, place & identity, Containerval, Hamilton, QLD.

2013        The Salon, Diagram ARI in association with UQ SoFA, South Bank, QLD.

2012        Spread: BFA Honours Graduate Exhibition, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, South Bank, QLD.

2012        The GAS + Espresso Garage Awards, Griffith University Art Gallery, South Bank, QLD.

2012        Supporter, BARI Festival, The Wandering Room, in association with The Box Gallery West End, QLD.

2012        In Dialogue, White Box Gallery, Griffith University, South Bank, QLD.

2011        Comb Artspace: Tokyo Grand Tour, Design Festa Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

2011        ARTillery: Human Rights Arts Festival, Jugglers Art Space, Fortitude Valley, QLD.

2011        The GAS + Espresso Garage Awards, Griffith University Art Gallery, South Bank, QLD.

2011        To That Which Is: Graduate Exhibition, Griffith University, South Bank, QLD.

2011        Three Winter Coats and a Dirty Knife, Nine Lives Gallery, Fortitude Valley, QLD.

2011        Mortality, Comb Artspace, Coolangatta, QLD.

2011        Closer, The Wandering Room, New Farm, QLD.

2011        Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing, Jugglers Art Space, Fortitude Valley, QLD.

2011        Tenterhooks, The Tidy Gallery, Woolloongabba, QLD.

2009        The Fourth Wall, The Project Gallery, Griffith University, South Bank, QLD.

2008        Reach Out to Humanity Charity Exhibition, The White Box, Griffith University, South Bank, QLD.

2008        First Year Fine Art Exhibition, River Studios, Griffith University, South Bank, QLD.


Selected Curated Projects

2013        Curator, A River Without Banks: Expanded Drawing, West End, QLD.


2013        Curator, you & I: thoughts on intimacy, West End, QLD.


2013        Co-Curator, 2 Big 2 Fail, West End, QLD.


2011        Co-Curator, Tenterhooks, Woolloongabba, QLD.

2009        Co-Curator, The Fourth Wall, South Bank, QLD.


Selected Professional Experience

2013                          Director, The Hold Artspace, West End, QLD.


2013                          Sessional Lecturer, Griffith University, Education (contemporary fine art), Mount Gravatt, QLD.

2013                          Writer, Griffith University Art Gallery, Graduate Art Show, South Bank, QLD.

2012- 2013              Gallery Attendant, Griffith University Art Gallery, South Bank, QLD.

2012- 2013              Invigilator, Griffith University Art Gallery, South Bank, QLD.

2012- 2013              Installation Assistant, Griffith University Art Gallery, South Bank, QLD.

2012- 2013              Installation Assistant, On Campus Exhibition Program, Griffith Artworks, Brisbane, QLD.

2012                          Intern, Griffith Artworks Short internship program, Griffith University Brisbane, QLD.

2012                          Treasurer, Honours graduating exhibition committee, Griffith University, Brisbane, QLD.

2012                          Ambassador Artist, Papergirl Brisbane, QLD.

2011-2012               Exhibition Installation Assistant, Queensland College of Art, South Bank, QLD.

2011                          Videographer & Editor, The Sacred Childhoods Foundation short documentaries, Bali, Indonesia.

2011                          Volunteer, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, QLD.

2011                          Committee Member, Tenterhooks Exhibition, Brisbane, QLD.

2009                          Peer Mentor, Griffith University, Brisbane, QLD.

2009                          Committee Member, The Fourth Wall Exhibition, Brisbane, QLD.

2008                          Committee Member, Fine Art Focus Group, Griffith University, Brisbane, QLD.


Selected Publications

2013        Time is. . .  by Kylie Spear, A River Without Banks: Expanded Drawing catalogue essay, The Hold Artspace,

December 20.


2013        Pause: Thoughts on Move by Kylie Spear, Move catalogue essay, The Hold Artspace, upcoming.


2013        Intimate acts: revealing the peripheries by Kylie Spear, you & I; thoughts on intimacy catalogue essay, The Hold Artspace, August 20.


2013        Simon Degroot; Malleable Histories by Kylie Spear, Titanium Anvil catalogue essay, The Hold Artspace, 17 May.


2013        No going back: art, mass media and mediation by Luke Kidd & Kylie Spear, 2 Big 2 Fail catalogue essay, The Hold Artspace, 15 April.


2012        thefox: Vernon Ah Kee by Kylie Spear, Griffith University Art Collection online catalogue, QLD.


2012        Shanna Muston: The Necessity of Forgetting by Kylie Spear, Promise catalogue essay, Metro Arts, QLD.

2011        The Dollhouse by Kylie Spear, The Wandering Room Catalogue Essay, QLD.

2011        On the Grid by Kylie Spear, On the Grid Catalogue Essay, QLD.


2011        Tenterhooks by Kylie Spear, Tenterhooks Catalogue Essay, QLD.


2009        Audrey Lam by Kylie Spear, Loitering with Intent Catalogue Essay, QLD.


Selected Citations

2012        Kylie Spear by Laura Brown, The GAS: Graduate Art Show & Espresso Garage Awards, exhibition catalogue, 60-61.


2012        Spread, BFA Honours graduate catalogue, 32.

2012        In Dialogue by Tara Heffernan, catalogue essay, 2.

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