Oscar Martín de BurgosFrom Atapuerca to Uluru27th March - 13th April 2019 | Stanley Street Gallery

Oscar Martín de Burgos
From Atapuerca to Uluru

27th March – 13th April 2019

Oscar Martin de Burgos sculptor and mystic, presents the exhibition: "from Atapuerca to Uluru", the result of several years of his search to unite the expression of the past, present and future through his work with volume. Taking as a starting point prehistoric symbolic manifestations, he delves with psychic empathy into the cultures of our ancestors.  In his fluid reflection, the work takes us on a spiritual journey through his connection with the rich fossil deposits in the mountains of the Atapuerca, Spain to his arrival and experience of the sacred, Uluru. Martin de Burgos’ devotion to spirituality enables him to link the two ancestral cultures through his own intuition and expression. Within this exhibition, Oscar Martin de Burgos allows us to connect with and pay our respect to our ancestors through the passage of Animism and spirituality.


Oscar Martin

Artist Statement and CV Oscar Martín de Burgos (PDF)