Over your headContemporary Jewellery13th Aug - 6th Sep 2014 | Stanley Street Gallery

Over your head
Contemporary Jewellery

13th Aug – 6th Sep 2014

Over Your Head is an exciting and provocative exhibition of contemporary wearable art. The work on exhibition has been selected from leading artists from around Australia and New Zealand and also includes work from the Czech Republic.

As the title suggests, Over Your Head is both a playful exhibition and an opportunity to comment on serious issues such as: the environment, the media and advertising, healing and uniting. The use of a wide variety of unconventional materials, unfamiliar scale and an often-unconventional means of wearing the work combines to make this exhibition challenging and confronting. What is sacred? Who is safe? Do we exist in a prefabricated, prescribed reality fuelled by complacency and a desire for stasis?

Contemporary wearable art invites the viewer to begin to imagine wearing what they are seeing, to not merely hang it on a wall in their private space; to go public. In Public Scale (Unfamiliar human situations placed in the context of jewellery), artist Chia Liang Kao’s intention is for the viewers to engage with the wearer. As well as being a catalyst for questions, the work invites people to make contact.

"I want the viewer to ask questions such as, what are they doing? Why is there an elephant queuing up for a public scale? Is an elephant concerned about its own weight as well? What is the landscape? A park? A zoo?" Chia Liang Kao

Chia Liang Kao - Public Scale - neckpiece - Silver, Nickel Silver, brass, wood, paint and cord

In her series, Bottles - R - Us, Nicole Taubinger has skillfully and playfully used coloured plastic bottle lids and other colourful plastic elements to create her neckpieces. The Czech artist asks us to see familiar objects in an unfamiliar situation. This changes our preconceived, static notion of the objects.

Nicole Taubinger - Bottles R Us - plastic

Peter Deckers has used old books to create a neckpiece, as part of his series titled, de - Forma, The NZ artist is asking us to reflect on and consider the traditions, philosophies and pain we have inherited from the past.

"......The transformative change of the reformists created pathways for the rational philosophies of the Enlightenment and ultimately our own complex society. The change mortifies when some knowledge of the old is transmuted into the new, forming variations of the old.  What is left in the process of such transformations are the wounds of the memory, the new doctrines and the historic symbols used as tokens or souvenirs of the cause."  Peter Deckers.


Peter Deckers, De - Reformation, Neckpiece paper& nylon

Over Your Head is an exhibition of work by 38 artists. It is a beguiling and beautiful exhibition, and one which is bound to generate many questions in relation to long held views of self, society and the environment not to mention the stereotypical notions associated with jewellery.

Participating artists with a link to their Artists Statements and CV:

Margot Alexander, Diane Appleby, Sean Axelrod, Becky Bliss, Vernon Bowden, Marina Civiero, Zara Collins, Peter Deckers, Joungmee Do, Sione Falemaka, Felix Gill, Natalie Gock, Jesika Hanford, Helen Heap, Clare Hooper, Cathy Jarrett, Chia Liang Kao, Ellana Kariatlis, Larissa Landinez, Eden Lennox, Luke Maninov, Jennifer Martin, Vicki Mason, Fiona Meller, Noela Mills, Helen Mok, Shan Shan Mok, Shaelene Murray, Rebecca Jane New, Yukiko Nonaka, Black Pacha, Felicity Peters, Somboun PhonesoukBrigitte Boutry Robinson, Kaoru Rogers, Nicole Taubinger, Mark Vaarwerk, Mel Young.