Sally SimpsonObjects for an Unknown Future Museum7th September - 1st October 2016 | Stanley Street Gallery

Sally Simpson
Objects for an Unknown Future Museum

7th September – 1st October 2016


Sally Simpson

Sally Simpson

Sally Simpson makes personal ritual objects drawing on the legacy of traditions in which the figure is an object of power through which one hopes to influence or appeal to the spiritual world. Her artistic and philosophical preoccupations arise from 25 years of living on small acreage farms, observing relations between humans and the natural world.

Her process of making is part of the mediation between nature and culture, the art a by-product of a way to be in the world, a means of paying the kind of attention the sculptures themselves ask for. Using the materials of her immediate environment to embody and mediate her own place in it, she attempts to find a point of balance between confusing and contradictory value systems.

Collecting organic and man-made materials from specific sites she sorts them in her home studio while considering methods to build and connect them. Her use of finely crafted detail and unexpected methods enhance the other-worldly, museum artefact impression her sculptures create. These processes, such as stitching, crochet and applying adobe are time consuming and add a meditative quality to her work.


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Solo Exhibition

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Simpson Sally - Venerated Remains Sculpture

Simpson Sally - Venerated Remains Sculpture


Group Exhibition

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Sally Simpson - Mummified Fish 1 (detail)- Charcoal, mud, chalk on paper - 115cm x 51cm - $1,500


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