Shaun HayesI Guess This is Growing Up18th September – 5th October 2019 | Stanley Street Gallery

Shaun Hayes
I Guess This is Growing Up

18th September – 5th October 2019

Shaun Hayes is a ceramic artist who investigates the relationship between throwaway objects and their ability to instil a sense of reflection on memory, creating a deeply nostalgic and sometimes humorous representation of time and place. Inspired by the experience of hearing a song on the radio from his childhood, the exhibition I Guess This Is Growing Up investigates how the arousal of memory can transport a person back in time. He contemplates the uncertainty of growing older and how the passing of time encourages inner deliberation as he grapples with his own transition into adulthood.





The collection of plastic objects that inform Hayes’s sculptures are evocative of certain memories and feelings, capturing these ephemeral moments in time. Hayes contemplates the nature of today’s throwaway society and through the use
of seemingly unimportant, everyday objects, humorously highlights the importance of being more conscious of the enduring impact waste has on the environment. Drawing on the aesthetics of traditional Chinese ceramics combined with contemporary objects, his adorned vessels echo a blending of past and present, old and new as well as illustrating the material similarities between plastic and ceramics.

Through methods of repetition, rearranging and joining of cast objects paired with a tonal colour palette, Hayes’s sculptures are reminiscent of fantastical and comical imagery whilst also highlighting the tensions of growing up in conversation with existing in a wasteful, thoughtless consumerist society.


Catalogue - Shaun Hayes I Guess This Is Growing Up(PDF)

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