Tom Christophersen and Michael SimmsInterfacing 12th September - 13th October 2018 | Stanley Street Gallery

Tom Christophersen and Michael Simms

12th September – 13th October 2018

‘Interfacing’ is an explosive, collaborative figurative exhibition between two of Australia’s most exciting emerging visual artists. Tom Christophersen and Michael Simms present ‘Interfacing’, an exploration into our flawed and often pixelated representations of ourselves. In an age of digital expression, ‘Interfacing’ prises apart notions of dangerous self-representation and distorted identities via technology.




Colour Catalogue - INTERFACING (PDF)


Looped digital video featuring Sophie Haylen; Video Mixer: Peter Mooney 45mins Duration

Tom Christophersen Artist Statement

Interfacing: a curated, collaborative collection of interactions with the digital world. The not so nice ones. The broken ones.
Interfacing exposes the destructive power of technology, the ways we use it to tear at each other and ourselves. The people in my portraits have been changed by technology, often through strange, traumatic experience. These sitters were thoughtfully selected. These portraits tell a story about our digital-social experience. These portraits hold up a mirror.

You have no new likes.

Interfacing focuses on ways people can be neglected by the digital-social platforms designed to remember them. A digital facade we look after so much but which often doesn’t look after us.

Our narcissistic palaces.
I am not attempting to judge this development because I am affected by it too.

My posture has changed from looking down at screens. I have debased myself on dating apps. I slave over digital collateral to fill the void.

Even as a digital world connects us, it simultaneously divides, accesses our emails and records our IP addresses.

If you don’t appreciate something, you will lose it.

I don’t want to lose you.

We have progressed but we are not yet in control.

My intention has always been to make images that create the necessary disturbances in order to provoke permanent, positive change.

My work is intentionally beautiful as its origin, its essential truth, is often brutal and terrifying. After all, you deserve the truth.

I love you,
You can’t stop me.

Tom Christophersen
March 31st, 2017


Michael Simms Artist Statement

“I find human behaviour infinitely fascinating, and use my practice to investigate the evolving notion of portraiture in our culture that is increasingly proliferated with smartphone cameras. Through combining academic painting techniques, symbolic imagery and distortions my goal is to create work that comments on the gap between the authentic and virtual self, as well as the distortion of identity.  Drawing inspiration from the gothic components of Romanticism and the French symbolist movement, the dream-like environment in my paintings attempt to reveal fundamental hidden truths about the human condition. The figures captured in this exhibition are overwhelmed with obsession, addiction, anxiety or a sense of isolation – themes that feel pertinent in our current digital climate.”


Tom Christophersen Artist Statement and CV July 2018 (PDF)

Michael Simms Artist Statement and CV August 2018 (PDF)