Tor LarsenVirtual Relics20th June - 14th July 2018 | Stanley Street Gallery

Tor Larsen
Virtual Relics

20th June – 14th July 2018

In creating these Virtual Relics I have combined the idea of ancient and revered religious objects, carefully preserved in sealed containers for the edification of the faithful with more contemporary items and concepts, less likely to inspire spiritual awe yet inviting contemplation and disturbing conclusions. In each piece I attempt to recapture pasts; real, imagined or simply felt as well project a virtual and potentially threatening future into the mind of the viewer.

Tor Larsen - Virtual Relics

Tor Larsen has taken a round-about path to the world of small sculpture and box art creation.

Starting with industrial design at Sydney College of the Arts in the 1980’s, through model making, film art direction, visual effects and eventually film and TV commercial production, Tor takes much of his visual inspiration from the cinematic/theatrical traditions, heavily influenced by a long-standing interest in kinetic mechanical constructions and jewellery making.

A recent return to academia has added additional philosophical, political, social and economic layers to his work encouraging him to explore historical moments and contemporary topical issues through a range of satirical, humorous and occasionally dystopic metaphors, symbolism and more direct references.

The choice of materials has always been important for Tor. His preference for found and recycled materials and objects, each imbued with its own history, is crucial to his conceptual development, often informing the construction, ultimate shape and meaning in a given work.

The other important aspect of the creative process for Tor is the juxtaposition of unlikely materials, objects and ideas as a means of stimulating thought and emotional responses in the viewer. Sometimes effected through mechanical interaction with a work where the viewer becomes part of the process of its realisation.