Works from our Stockroom13th April - 23rd April 2016 | Stanley Street Gallery

Works from our Stockroom

13th April – 23rd April 2016

Stanley Street Gallery has been exhibiting a diverse and unique group of artists since its inception a mere 4 years ago.  We have introduced and reintroduced artist's such as James Barker; Mirabel FitzGerald, Denis Clarke, Robin Lawrence, Shaelene Murray, Nicole Taubinger, Brendon Stewart, Yioryios, Harley Oliver, Derryn Tal, Sussanah Strati, Claire Primrose, NOT, Fiona Meller, Jo Wood, Christel van der Laan and Amy Dynan to name but a few.

For the next two weeks SSG will be transformed into an Aladdin's Cave filled with wonders for you to discover and rediscover.

You are invited to drop in for a well deserved cup of tea whilst you delve into the numerous works which fill the gallery.  Don' forget to look in our drawers!

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