Works on Paper - 1 Metre11th Jun - 5th July 2014 | Stanley Street Gallery

Works on Paper – 1 Metre

11th Jun – 5th July 2014


Imagination is at the heart of artistic endeavour, and the Works on Paper 1 Metre Show at Stanley Street Gallery assembles the work of a compelling group of artists, all working differently, and each displayed within a 1 metre stretch of wall.

The proximity of works in the luminous space opens a stimulating dialogue between the images, materials and viewer. The artists bring a variety of questions and concerns to their visual investigations, resulting in a richly textured viewing experience.

The delicate and moody ink paintings of Cedric Van Eenoo provide a poetic interpretation of the principles of quantum physics and the unstable nature of reality. With his chosen medium, he carries forward the tradition of Chinese ink painting, reminding us of "the connection with ancient Chinese philosophy and the poetic nature of profound matters."

Christina Thwaites uses photographs as a point of departure for her mixed media works. Using pattern stylistically and symbolically, the subtle narrative of her subject matter is designed to engage us in a dialogue.

Jeff McCann's whimsical recycled cardboard creations celebrate his devotion to the hand made and radiate a sense of joy, while referencing costume, street and folk art. Jeff is passionately committed to using discarded materials, and enjoys transforming "rubbish" into art. In the process, he challenges us to question our own patterns of consumption.

Amy Dynan's photorealistic charcoal renderings explore the notion of self using adornment and concealment to raise more questions than they answer. The subjects of these finely observed renderings gaze directly at the viewer, but no contact is made ... or is it?

The evocative paintings of Denis Clarke are made in response to the world around him, and to a lifetime of questioning and exploring life as he finds it. His wandering lines and energetically rendered colour forms deeply engage the eye and heart as they invite us into their contemplative space.

Christine Webb’s recent works have pursued an investigation of the passage of light through transparent objects and the differing light of Italy and Australia. These works continue Webb’s fascination of reflections and cast shadows while paying homage to the 20th century Italian painter, Giorgio Morandi.

Derryn Tal's abstract mixed media paintings are an investigation of cause, effect and change. Figurative elements combine with layered glazes of colour and texture, conjuring captivating dreamscapes that assume meaning the longer they are viewed.

The diverse and thought-provoking group of artists gathered for The Works on Paper 1 Metre Show are curated for maximum visual effect, creating a layered visual conversation that lasts well beyond the gallery walls.

words by Catherine Nolan

Catalogue Works on Paper

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Derryn Tal - Artist Statement and CV
Jeff McCann Denis Clarke - Artist Statement and CV
Christine Webb - Artist Statement and CV
Christina Thwaites - Artist Statement and CV
Cedric van Eenoo - Artist Statement and CV
Amy Dynan - Artist Statement and CV
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