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Current Exhibitions

  • On Point
    13th – 30th September 2017

    On Point - 7 Artists - On Point: Jessica Calderwood, Denis Clarke, David Collins, Shaelene Murray, Margarita Sampson, Spalding, Nicole Taubinger. On point: "Excellent, bold, right on, accurate, appropriate. Having a direct application to the case or topic under consideration; apposite, relevant. " - source "Wiktionary" Our latest exhibition "On Point" presents the work of ...
  • Jessica Calderwood
    13th September – 30th September 2017

    "My most recent series combines flower/botanical forms with fragments of the human body in order to address issues surrounding gender, domesticity, and identity. Inspired by a life lived in suburbia, I created these works to be intentionally humorous and ironic. These anthropomorphic beings are at once, powerful and powerless, beautiful and absurd, inflated, and amputated." Jessica ...