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Future Exhibitions

  • Poetry Alive
    Saturday 13th May 2017 @ 5 – 6.15pm

    Poetry Alive will be featuring the writers Alison Whittaker from Footwork and Joel Deane from South of Shepp, the MC will of course be Harry Laing from Less is more.            
  • Thinkers and Dreamers
    14th June – 8th July 2017

    On this one-way trip through time, what is it that we need to know? Where can we look for the answers? There is a long held fascination and love of the ‘Artist Studio’- it is both treasure trove and tardis. It can contain evidence of a life spent thinking and dreaming, creating works - wordless novels ...
  • Jill Crossley
    Unprotected Image
    12th July – 5th August 2017

      Artist Statement Abstract images gleaned from two very different tree types are glimpses offered as a metaphor or allegory for the countless racial, cultural and personality differences in ourselves, the human race. One is a rain forest tree, a weeping Ficus with huge smooth muscular sensuous limbs bearing a canopy of quite small bright green leaves. It ...
  • Claire Primrose
    Moving Mountains
    9th August – 2nd September 2017

        Artist Statement My work finds inspiration in the direct linking of immediate locations with my techniques of making a painting; transporting a real environment into the making of an artistic space evocative of its original and my own identities. My practice recreates surfaces, textures and colours evocative of particular places; each work attempts to re-collect layers of ...
  • Aesthetic Uncertainties
    1st November – 25th November 2017

    Curated By Zara Collins  
  • Bic Tieu
    Between Auspicious Forms
    1st – 18th November 2017

    The collection of works is an investigation of a personal significant practice into ritual objects associated with symbolic offerings, ancestor veneration and auspicious transcendence related to my Chinese heritage. In referencing traditional graphic motifs associated within this context and translating the dialogue into wearable forms and objects. The collection of works consists of handmade metal ...
  • A Time of Gifts
    29th November – 23rd December 2017

    Stanley Street Gallery’s annual group exhibition features unique and timeless works of art, perfect for the time of giving. A TIME OF GIFTS is an invitation to collectors and lovers of art to discover unique gifts for the special people in our lives or to reward yourself at Christmas time.