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Future Exhibitions

  • Harley Oliver
    Hitters, Grapplers and Strongmen
    28th February – 24th March 2018

    Boxers, wrestlers, circus strong men of the early 1900s. Brief heroes. These paintings are about fame. Life is short and fame is even shorter. The story is in their faces. “I found an old photo of boxer Kid Lavigne,” says artist Harley Oliver.” In 1894 he killed a man in the ring. By beating him to death, ...
  • Handshake Project
    Super Positions
    4th April – 21st April 2018

    Super positions in NZ contemporary jewellery; a handshake to the 21st Sydney Biennale. In this NZ contemporary jewellery exhibition the Sydney audience can discover how each art practice reacts, answers, or is in dialogue with the title of the 2018 Sydney Biennale ‘SUPERPOSITION: Art of Equilibrium and Engagement’. Current and past HANDSHAKE artists were asked to ...

  • Headon Photo Festival
    David Porteus
    Pretty Ugly Butterfly
    2nd May – 19th May 2018

    “When I look in the mirror each day, I mostly don't like what I see. Grey, ageing and with a slightly bent nose, if I was an oil painting it would be a 'character study'. Even when I am confident and happy I have enough objectivity to perceive my unique features as being unattractive. Not ugly but ...
  • Group Exhibition

    23rd May – 16th June 2018

    An exhibition of Represented Artists              
  • Tor Larsen
    Virtual Relics
    20th June – 14th July 2018

    In creating these Virtual Relics I have combined the idea of ancient and revered religious objects, carefully preserved in sealed containers for the edification of the faithful with more contemporary items and concepts, less likely to inspire spiritual awe yet inviting contemplation and disturbing conclusions. In each piece I attempt to recapture pasts; real, imagined ...
  • Andjana Pachkova
    Die Sehnsucht
    18th July – 11th August 2018

    C.S. Lewis once famously described Sehnsucht as “inconsolable longing” in the human heart for “we know not what.” Die Sehnschut can be roughly translated as “intensely missing”. No equivalent English word—describes deep emotional state. Compound word from “Das Sehnen”—yearning and “Das Seichtum”—long or lingering illness. In psych represents thoughts and feelings about all facets of life ...
  • Margaret West
    Drawings and Jewellery
    15th August – 8th September 2018

  • Tom Christophersen and Michael Simms
    12th September – 6th October 2018

    ‘Interfacing’ is an explosive, collaborative figurative exhibition between two of Australia’s most exciting emerging visual artists. Tom Christophersen and Michael Simms present ‘Interfacing’, an exploration into our flawed and often pixelated representations of ourselves. In an age of digital expression, ‘Interfacing’ prises apart notions of dangerous self-representation and distorted identities via technology.                
  • Margarita Sampson
    Home and Contents
    10th October – 3rd November 2018

    Margarita Sampson’s work is an effervescent and pan-sensual take on the corporeality of form. Utilising colourful soft sculpture and adapted domestic items, her work is visceral & poignant, drawing comparisons between the highly personal (the aging/failing body) and the universal body/ecosystem.
  • ap – ro – pos
    Contemporary Jewellery
    10th October – 27th October 2018

    Ap-ro-pos is a group exhibition of six artists whose work shares a common purpose through its making. Hand made objects created through the intentioned labor and skill set of these artists provides a forum within which the group supports, questions and critiques each other’s processes. Diverse and coupled with a joy of making, the interaction between ...
  • Spalding
    Dew Point
    7th November – 1st December 2018

    An exhibition of new work.                
  • The Art of Giving
    5th December – 22nd December 2018

    Stanley Street Gallery’s annual group exhibition features unique and timeless works of art, perfect for the time of giving. The ART of GIVING is an invitation to collectors and lovers of art to discover unique gifts for the special people in our lives or to reward yourself at Christmas time.