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Past Exhibitions

  • Harley Oliver
    Hitters, Grapplers and Strongmen
    28th February – 24th March 2018

    In their own way, they were unlikely heroes of their time. Boxers, wrestlers, and circus strongmen of the early 1900s were famous, mysterious showmen – albeit on a brutal and often unforgiving stage.     From Australian Olympic boxer (and pride of the Victorian town of Shepparton) Max Carlos through to Russia’s ‘King of the Kettlebells’ Pyotr Kryloff ...
    Jackson Farley, Yixuan Geng and Shaun Hayes
    3rd February – 24th February 2018

    Every year we present the work of new and exciting artists in the exhibition titled INTRODUCING. This year’s artists are mixed media artist Jackson Farley, object maker Yixuan Geng and ceramicist Shaun Hayes.     Jackson Farley Jackson Farley is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Sydney, Australia. With a particular focus on old notions of masculinity in ...