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Past Exhibitions

  • Aesthetic Uncertainties
    1st November – 25th November 2017

    Independent curator Zara Collins presents new work from four Australian painters in the exhibition Aesthetic Uncertainties. Taking landscape as a common point of departure each artist uses the medium of paint to express something innately personal: an experience, a journey, a memory, a dream. Artists Madeleine Cruise, David Collins, Ondine Seabrook and Zuza Zochowski invite the viewer ...
  • Bic Tieu
    Between Auspicious Forms
    1st – 25th November 2017

      Between Auspicious Forms presents a collection of small intricate vessels and wearables pieces by Bic Tieu that explore the rituals and cultural expressions of her Chinese heritage against the Australian household landscape. Using the rich symbolism of traditional Chinese culture, Tieu utilises the vessel form and the concept of containment in her contemporary interpretation of traditional ...
  • Rachel Timmins
    Unexpected Companion
    4th – 28th October 2017

    Metamorphosis and mutants, recovering value in the devalued, and finding comfort through building a place to belong are concepts that are prominently featured in my wearable work and in how I choose to live my life. Many of my works include soft textures and vibrant color. These are powerful ways of creating a spectacle, allowing ...
  • Zoe Brand
    Break It To Me Gently
    4th – 28th October 2017

    Brand often draws from her own life for inspiration; she presents her work from an everyman perspective. Using everyday phrases and materials that become ambiguous in meaning when the context of display changes from wall to body, and back again. For Break it to me gently, Brand offers the audience the comic/tragic narrative into the ...
  • Jessica Calderwood
    13th September – 30th September 2017

    "My most recent series combines flower/botanical forms with fragments of the human body in order to address issues surrounding gender, domesticity, and identity. Inspired by a life lived in suburbia, I created these works to be intentionally humorous and ironic. These anthropomorphic beings are at once, powerful and powerless, beautiful and absurd, inflated, and amputated." Jessica ...
  • Claire Primrose
    Moving Mountains
    9th August – 2nd September 2017

      For Claire Primrose the continuing impact of place on her creative imagination is paramount. Her works are made in a studio in the industrial area of Queanbeyan near Canberra, far removed from the sources that have excited her imaginative sensibilities. They are the result of felt experiences that have stayed with her, that have become ...
  • On Point
    13th – 30th September 2017

    On Point - 7 Artists - On Point: Jessica Calderwood, Denis Clarke, David Collins, Shaelene Murray, Margarita Sampson, Spalding, Nicole Taubinger. On point: "Excellent, bold, right on, accurate, appropriate. Having a direct application to the case or topic under consideration; apposite, relevant. " - source "Wiktionary" Our latest exhibition "On Point" presents the work of ...
  • Jill Crossley
    Unprotected Images
    12th July – 5th August 2017

    Stanley Street Gallery is excited to announce our second exhibition of photography by Jill Crossley, titled Unprotected Images. Now in her late eighties, Crossley has been looking at this world through a lens for over 70 years. She has been described as one of the pioneering female photographers in Australia. In her career, Crossley has worked with ...
  • Thinkers and Dreamers
    14th June – 8th July 2017

    On this one-way trip through time, what is it that we need to know? Where can we look for the answers? There is a long held fascination and love of the ‘Artist Studio’- it is both treasure trove and tardis. It can contain evidence of a life spent thinking and dreaming, creating works - wordless novels ...
  • 2 Week PopUp Exhibition
    31st May – 10th June 2017

    2 Week PopUp Exhibition Featuring new work from Amy Dynan Andjana Pachkova Denis Clark Harley Oliver Jo Wood Elizabeth Kelly Margarita Sampson Oscar Martin Shaelene Murray Tor Larsen
  • Head On Photo Festival
    Ted Grambeau
    The Art of Awareness
    26th April – 20th May 2017

    SEALEVEL - 'The Art of Awareness' is a personal photographic project documenting the ocean at sea level. A dynamic body of work that has evolved from a lifetime journey of being deeply immersed in the ocean, observing the nuances of light, it’s complexities and varying interactions with the elements. A project close to my heart, my ...
  • Deborah Marks
    29th March – 22nd April 2017

    Liminality refers to a state of psychological disorientation arising from a transient condition of being that lies between past and future. One’s unknown destiny lies poised at the threshold between these two dichotomous positions. The theme of the exhibition revolves around a young woman living in transition as an outsider conflicted between countries, cultures and ...
  • The White Room
    Contemporary Ceramics
    1st – 25th March 2017

    "The White Room" is taken from the album by The KLF who were famed for burning all the money they earned in a boat shed on Jura. KLF - Kiln Load Fire ! An exhibition of contemporary ceramics that pushes the medium, while paring ceramics back to its sources of purity, ritual and light. Curated by Sean ...
  • Barbara Ryman
    1st – 18th March 2017

    Fragmenting mind, fragmenting world, fragmenting society, fragments of memory, disintegration, integration and nostalgia. Can what is broken be mended? Can it be transformed?  Artist Statement FRAGMENT Fragmenting mind, fragmenting world, fragmenting society, fragments of memory, disintegration, integration and nostalgia. Can what is broken be mended? Can it be transformed? These are the somewhat disordered thoughts running behind the production ...
    Elyssa Sykes-Smith, Andjana Pachkova, Suzi Zglinicki
    4th – 25th February 2017

    Every year Sydney’s Stanley Street Gallery presents the work of new and exciting artists in the exhibition titled INTRODUCING. This years artists are painters Andjana Pachkova, Suzi Zglinicki and sculptor Elyssa Sykes-Smith.