Curated By Amber Creswell BellGenius Loci4th September – 14th September 2019 | Stanley Street Gallery

Curated By Amber Creswell Bell
Genius Loci

4th September – 14th September 2019

‘Genius Loci’ is a Latin concept, which translates to the “the prevailing character or atmosphere of a place”. In a contemporary context, it is a guiding principle in architecture and garden design – and for this exciting group show the concept is instead examined by artists. Using the medium of paint, this diverse group of 9 artists will zero in on the magic and mystery of atmosphere as it relates to the still life genre – as well as extending the notion to interiors and landscapes.


Adrian Cene, Dylan Jones, Jane-Frances Tannock, Lilli Stromland, Lucy Roleff, Nadja Kabriel, Sam Field, Stef Tarasov, Sue Tesoriero

Curated and presented by Amber Creswell Bell.

LUCY ROLEFF, Gemini, 2019, 33 x 43 cm, Oil on belgian linen


Nadja Kabriel, Banksias



Adian Cene 'Lagonegro, format50x60'cm ,technique' oil on canvas, 2018,

Stef Tarasov, Reclining Silverbeet, 60x50cm