Girls on TimeTenmore Girls16th Oct - 9th Nov 2013 | Stanley Street Gallery

Girls on Time
Tenmore Girls

16th Oct – 9th Nov 2013

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Have you ever wondered how many heartbeats you will use in your lifetime? Or felt time moving too fast one minute and too slow the next?

Since 2009, ten of the best graduates from the Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design course at the Design Centre Enmore, have come together annually to present a fresh and thought-provoking exhibition of new jewellery and objects. The tenmoregirls collective aims to challenge traditional jewellery forms, specialising in unusual materials and technical experimentation.

In 2013, Girls on Time will explore the essence of time in its many forms. Ranging from the most personal of responses to memory 

















 evolution, extinction, and the compression process of carbon atoms.

Two new members joined the collective in 2013 – recent graduates Leah Dawkins and Susannah Dwyer - in addition to the group’s continuing members: Radka Passianova, Jo Piper, Danielle Butters, Majella Beck, Doris Jurzak, Linda Blair, Sarah Maree Mills, and Kaoru Rogers.

This year tenmoregirls have also collaborated with local wordsmiths A Writer’s Dozen from the Alexandria Creative Writing Group, to bring visitors an adjacent literary experience also exploring the theme of Time.

Majella Beck
“What better to inspire the contemplation of time than the very element used to measure it? Opaque when graphite and transparent when a diamond, carbon may even be confused for a metal when highly polished. For my work carbon is not a secondary element, it is the primary material and it implies time itself”.
Linda Blair
“Extinction – the ultimate end of time”
Danielle Butters
“40 weeks, 280 days, 6,720 hours, 403,200 minutes, 24,192,000 seconds, give or take a week or two. Two humans living under one skin”.
Leah Dawkins
“Our time so far is documented by an accumulation of memories from the past, some a burden and some a blessing. My work speaks of the past and present as opposing forces that propel us forward while calling us back”.
Susannah Dwyer
“Bigger. Stronger. Smarter. Faster. Evolution is the process of gradual change, of things becoming better adapted to their surroundings. Each generation is slightly different from the one before, and we witness the constant rise and fall of new ideas over time. What will come next?”
Doris Jurzak
“How much time do you give something before you give up on it? This work depicts the tension between patience and frustration; between persisting for eventual rewards and giving up; between conviction and
Sarah Maree Mills
"If you existed in the fifth dimension, it is theorised that you would perceive time just as we see matter. I would be all encompassing and susceptible to manipulation, just as we can mould solids to our will. Most significant to the notion is that time is not linear but capable of contraction and expansion: it is movement at every angle in every moment as it loops in and around itself"
Radka Passianova
“The clock talked loud. I threw it away, it scared me what it talked. ~Tillie Olsen, Tell Me a Riddle”.
Jo Piper
“You’ve been given 2.5 billion heart beats...use them wisely...”
Kaoru Rogers
“the linear existence of time Capturing a fleeting moment in slow motion. Seeing time unfold step by step. Waiting in anticipation with curiosity, hope or maybe fear. How objects can slowly reveal time or truth. How time is llinear in the most mysterious kind of way".