Iterations - Zoë Veness, Susanna Strati and Sean O'Connell2nd Sept - 26th Sept 2015 | Stanley Street Gallery

Iterations – Zoë Veness, Susanna Strati and Sean O’Connell

2nd Sept – 26th Sept 2015

‘Iterations’, explores the notion of process as a perpetual series of form building and mark- making investigations, and as an accumulation of repeated gestures. Motivating the creation of this new work is the project’s goal to experiment with repetition through the production of drawing, video, photography, small objects and larger scale sculptural work.


Iterations Catalogue


Sean O’Connell

An experimental artist who studies the structure of form and force through experiments he intricately arranges and documents. Using early modes of scientific investigation he explores alternate realities and unseen views.
For Iterations, O’Connell studies the form and structure of smoke vortices that he generates late at night in his studio. Using 16mm slow motion movie film that he processes by hand, along with traditional and experimental photographic techniques, he attentively examines the short life span of these beguiling forms, through repeated experiments that are documented with a vast array of images. The work sits alongside two other experimental projects O’Connell is undertaking that explore the nature of perception and knowledge, as part of his doctoral work at Sydney College of the Arts.

O’Connell also works in the field of contemporary jewellery, having exhibited in Australia and abroad since 2000. His jewellery work often involves kinetic elements and is marked by a clean pared-back aesthetic. O’Connell's work has been exhibited in Japan, France, India, Singapore and the US. In Australia he has exhibited at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Roslyn Oxley, and Object. He has been the recipient of Australia Council Grants, including a residency in Japan, and was awarded the Fauvette Loureiro scholarship to study in Vienna for 5 months during his doctoral research.





Sean O’Connell - Rolling Edges (video sample), 16mm slow motion film, hand developed and 2K transferred to digital frame by frame, Digital Film - $900



Susanna Strati

Strati is an Object & Installation artist whose work explores expressions of personal identity through a vocabulary of grief and mourning.
For Iterations she uses repetitions of gestures–acts–steps (iterations) to create series of ink and graphite drawings and three-dimensional works. Her use of repeated pattern is influenced by the ‘shape of breath’, the needle and needlework – and she employs ritualistic marking and mourning references as a strategy for materialising fragile, and funereal like forms. To construct drawings and objects she incorporates thousands of steel pins, black the colour of loss, and deliberate reiterations of line and point.
Strati has participated in both international and national exhibitions and has been granted awards and residencies, including an Australia Council Residency at the British School at Rome, and an Australian Post Graduate Award for research. Her work has been exhibited at galleries such as The British School at Rome Gallery, Object Australian Design Centre, The Macleay Museum, Brenda May Gallery and Mop Projects in Sydney as well selected for participation in the inaugural Paramor Prize: ART + INNOVATION (where she was Winner of the Mayoral Award), the Blake Prize, Fishers Ghost and Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize. She is an Alumna of University of New South Wales, Art + Design.





Zoë Jay Veness

Veness is interested in the idea of exploring three-dimensional form through the process of drawing, while simultaneously exploring the surfaces of three-dimensional objects. This spatial relationship between drawings and objects creates a particular tension that she finds engaging. The simple desire to create linear patterns follows a long period of doctoral research at the University of New South Wales in which relationships between jewellery and sculpture were examined.
The drawings and objects for Iterations build on the series Objects that don’t quite formulate’ (2011-2014) from her PhD.

The objects in ‘Objects that don’t quite formulate’ are made from enameled copper with graphite lines and patterns drawn on the surface. They explore void space as well as notions of simultaneity through their dual functions - a bead that’s also a plinth or a vessel that’s also a stand.
For Iterations Veness presents some of the pieces from ‘Objects that don’t quite formulate’ but also a series of line drawings that continue to explore relationships between void space and surface pattern.

Zoe Veness works predominantly in the field of contemporary jewellery and is preoccupied by notions of form and space, process-orientated approaches to object-making and body-object relations. Her methodologies are informed by practice-based research for a Master of Design (Honours) in 2005 and a Doctorate of Philosophy in 2015 both from UNSW Art & Design. She has been awarded grants from Australia Council and Object: Australian Design Centre as well as an Australian Postgraduate Award and a UNSW Art & Design Top-Up Scholarship. She was also Artist-In-Residence at the Edinburgh College of Arts in Scotland in 2006.

She has been selected for numerous national and international group exhibitions and her solo exhibitions include ‘Mathematical Beauty’ (2006) at Object Galleries in Sydney and ‘The Infinite Fold’(2008) at Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design in Adelaide.
Veness has lectured in design studies for many years and was recently appointed Associate Lecturer at UNSW Art & Design.

Zoe Veness - Objects that don't quite formulate, 2014, Copper, Enamel, Graphite (please refer to floor sheet for individual object information and pricing)

Zoe Veness - Objects that don't quite formulate, 2014, Copper, Enamel, Graphite (please refer to catalogue for individual object information and pricing)