On Point13th - 30th September 2017 | Stanley Street Gallery

On Point

13th – 30th September 2017

On Point - 7 Artists - On Point: Jessica Calderwood, Denis Clarke, David Collins, Shaelene Murray, Margarita Sampson, Spalding, Nicole Taubinger.

On point: "Excellent, bold, right on, accurate, appropriate.

Having a direct application to the case or topic under consideration; apposite, relevant. [from 20th c.] " - source "Wiktionary"

Our latest exhibition "On Point" presents the work of 7 very different artists working “On Point” across a variety of mediums and subjects.




Margarita Sampson

Artist Statement

' Human life to me has always been part of a rich and interconnected world, rising and falling, living and dying, interdependent: the mouth of a flower is also my mouth, the surface of a prickly pear like testicles, soft anemone forms are our own soft tissues. Healthy and unhealthy. Reaching maturity and falling away. In my work allusions to multiple forms are drawn but not cemented: for me the power of the work comes from a rich soup of inferences which the viewer provides from their own experience. I say “is this not unlike...” and you say “yes, but also...”.' The works bring up questions, invite narrative, suggest possible futures or any number of outcomes.

This collision also becomes personal and body-centric – the works are suggestive, sexual, lascivious, disordered, discomforting, hairy, hiding/sporting satin orifices, budlike forms or penile extrusions which over-run the wooden chair-borders. Messy bodies overwhelm their constraints. The works invoke glamour, luxury & seduction with a disconcerting smack of the uncanny. ‘Glamour is the strict control of the body or the environment, sublimated to an ideal– there’s no body fluids or stains in glamour. It’s about boundaries, zones of comfort. We feel we are betrayed by our bodies- a lot of this work is about my own aging, my body, about death and disease, about fear and surrender, tightening and release.’

Margarita Sampson was raised on Norfolk Island, and the varied sea life made an indelible impression on her as a small child. As an adult, her sculptural and jewellery work draws upon this rich visual vocabulary. All works are meticulously hand-made by the artist, comprising of hand and machine sewn textiles. In the 'Infectious Desires' series the found furniture is sawn & altered, re-carved & gilded before being overlaid with textile ‘landscapes’.


Download Margarita Sampson Artist Statement and CV September 2017 (PDF)


Shaelene Murray


The complexities of the mother/child relationship are endless.
Each by their presence, absence, will or need, cut and sew the fabric of our lives.

'a mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.' - Agatha Christie

Yet these are the women who paradoxically and pragmatically both instil and comfort our fears.


Download Shaelene Murray Artist Statement and CV Sept 2017 (PDF)



Artist statement

I see how weather beaten and charred our mountain landscape has become since the 2003 bush fires, with the snow just covering much of the scarring. While it provides a winter wonderland and playground for visitors, many who come are ill prepared, with very little respect for the radical changes in weather.

A yellow rain coat placed over tracksuit pants seems to do the trick and the all-important sport of snow play begins; stand in rows and learn the skills of the plough. The Australian beginner skier has guts and is the most intrepid of all, with not a care about hypothermia or a twisted knee. I have had 40 years of painting the landscape and observing these fascinating little yellow mountain maniacs.

I am inspired by the clarity of light at altitude and the quality of the air. The higher you climb the more vivid the colours become and the landscape has a very broad palette. In many ways the name ‘Snowy Mountains’ seems inadequate to describe a place with such environmental diversity and cultural history.

Download Spalding Artist Statement and CV 2017  (PDF)



David Collins

My painting draws its inspiration from the environment in which I live and the places I have been fortunate enough to visit. Since moving to the Hawkesbury in 1987, the river, with its surrounding bushland, bridges, boats and jetties has been the primary focus of my work. Regular trips to the outback have provided an important counterpoint to this watery world.


Download David Collins Artist Statement and CV 2017 (PDF)



Denis Clarke

Artist Statement

My way of working involves both observation and experiment, madness and discipline. In creating work from natural subject matter, it is paramount that I work in front of it, in it, and surrounded by it. The outdoors becomes temporarily ‘the studio’. I don’t see this as restrictive - on the contrary it is the life source for making art - it gives me a chance to react to and define the essential structure, space, movement and shifting patterns.


Download Denis Clarke Artist Statement and CV 2017 (PDF)



Nicole Taubinger

Nicole Taubinger, Taking down the Tree (Jacket) , Pendants for your tree, and brooches for YOU!, Plastic Rubbish Photo - Adam Holubovsky 1


Download Nicole Taubinger Artist Statment and CV  (PDF)



Jessica Calderwood


"My most recent series combines flower/botanical forms with fragments of the human body in order to address issues surrounding gender, domesticity, and identity. Inspired by a life lived in suburbia, I created these works to be intentionally humorous and ironic. These anthropomorphic beings are at once, powerful and powerless, beautiful and absurd, inflated, and amputated."

Jessica Calderwood is an image-maker and sculptor that works in esoteric craft media. She uses a combination of traditional and industrial metalworking processes as a means to make statements about contemporary life. She received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art and her MFA from Arizona State University, with an emphasis Metalworking. Her work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and internationally in curated and juried exhibitions. She has participated in artist residencies with the John Michael Kohler Arts/Industry Program, Ferro Corporation, and the Mesa Arts Center. Her work has also been published in Metalsmith Magazine, American Craft, NICHE, Ornament, the Lark 500 series, and the Art of Enameling. She is currently an Associate Professor of Art at Ball State University.

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