Salon of Infectious Ideas8th June - 2nd July 2016 | Stanley Street Gallery

Salon of Infectious Ideas

8th June – 2nd July 2016

A group exhibition of artists capturing the idea of

"Salon of Infectious Ideas"

Amaya Lang, Amy Dynan, Antonia Lomny, Brad Spalding, Barbara Ryman, Black Pacha, Christine Webb, Claire Primrose, Denis Clarke, Derryn Tal, Elizabeth Kelly, Fiona Meller, Gretal Ferguson, Glenys Jackson, Joungmee Do, Liza Feeney, Margarita Sampson, Merilyn Bailey, Mirabel FitzGerald, Nicole Taubinger, Robin Lawrence, Shaelene Murray, Susanna Strati, Tom Christophersen, Tor Larsen, Vicki Mason, Yioryios

An anonymous Poet once said,

“I believe that imagination is more important then knowledge”

We have filled the gallery with art that will excite, bemuse, enchant, disturb and generally cause our minds and hearts to race in all directions.  Within the "Salon of Infectious Ideas” we have created a wall of miniatures, they are the distilled essence of ideas and notions that have occupied the minds of the artists and invite us to respond and engage. Continuing with the concept of concentrated big ideas, we present the cabinets of curios, masterful works in the miniature, condensed 3D ideas that will seduce and amuse while delivering their dose of ideas deep into our psyche.

The furniture of our Salon of Infections Ideas, comes courtesy of the beguiling augmented furniture sculpture of Margarita Sampson and the conceptually mournful work of Susanna Strati. Sampson's chairs will have you in stitches and more, you may be enticed to dance, (as a teaser, yes there is a mirror ball involved). The suggestion of a table within the salon is filled by the deeply personal and poignant work of Strati, with its 120,000 sewing pins and graphite holding the weight of love and loss, it anchors the space in a reality we often time try to escape. But, in this Salon of Infections Ideas we are given the space to ponder and consider our responses and to share the ideas.

The talented Tom Christophersen has created a quintessential portrait titled "Epicine" - her haunting gaze follows you. The space above the mantelpiece is occupied by  "Grampian" a work by painter Denis Clarke, this work shows Clarke’s unique and fluid brush work most often associated with the Australian bush.  

This is a must see exhibition and one that promises to stimulate and provoke; we invite you to come and engage with the many ideas presented.

invitation salon

Image Details - Liz Kelly, Denis Clarke, Claire Primrose,  Barbara Ryman,
Margarita Sampson, Shaelene Murray, Robin Lawrence, Liza Feeney