Thinkers and Dreamers 14th June - 8th July 2017 | Stanley Street Gallery

Thinkers and Dreamers

14th June – 8th July 2017

On this one-way trip through time, what is it that we need to know? Where can we look for the answers?

There is a long held fascination and love of the ‘Artist Studio’- it is both treasure trove and tardis. It can contain evidence of a life spent thinking and dreaming, creating works - wordless novels that penetrate the psyche and have credentials that go beyond time: The treasures of past and present day ponderances. They coexist and arguably hold equal significance.

The exhibition thinkers and dreamers invites 10 contemporary artists engaged with the 3D to explore their studio and put forward several intimately scaled “object” based works from any stage in their career. To rediscover works that perhaps they’ve never aired before, but would love to.

Stanley Street Gallery is now in its 5th year. As artists and now gallerists, we have always been passionately interested in “object” based works. It is this fascination and our focussed intent on exhibiting 3D work that was the stimulus for thinkers and dreamers.


Tom Arthur
Gary Deirmendjian
Richard Goodwin
Akira Kamada
Tunni Kraus
Anita Larkin
Tor Larsen
Leslie Oliver
Jenny Pollak
Caroline Rothwell

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