Artist Talk: Andjana Pachkova - Fernweh - Into the Blue

In this artist talk, Andjana Pachkova speaks about her exhibition, Fernweh: Into the Blue at Stanley Street Gallery. Fernweh: Into the Blue continues Andjana Pachkova’s exploration of longing in her second…


Oscar Martin - Interview on Spanish TV News 8 First Edition

Oscar Martín is a Spanish sculptor and mystic who through his practice, seeks to unify past, present and future expressions of spirituality. Taking as a starting point prehistoric symbolic manifestations,…


Gretal Ferguson in the studio

A time-lapse video of artist, Gretal Ferguson, making sculptural wall pieces.  “Being a female artist in a traditionally masculine craft I often find myself having to prove my skill…


Oscar Martin de Burgos is a Spanish Sculptor and Mystic represented by Stanley Street Gallery.

Oscar Martin de Burgos is a Spanish Sculptor and Mystic represented by Stanley Street Gallery. In this video, Burgos speaks of the connection between his work, his inner self, the…


David Collins Painting Plein Air in Dangar Island, NSW.

For David Collins, painting and drawing streams from the ongoing closeness he feels with the environment. Here he is seen painting plein air in the bushland surrounding his home -…


Artist Talk: Mark Forbes - Beautiful Solitude (Head On Photo Festival) Online Exhibition at Stanley Street Gallery.

Mark Forbes has always enjoyed spending time photographing on the streets, watching the ebb and flow of daily life. Until recently, a lot of his work featured people and the…


Artist Talk: Julie Blyfield - Embrace

Embrace by Julie Blyfield is a body of work inspired by the artist’s recent visit to the Purnululu national park in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Presented as an…


Oscar Martín de Burgos - From Atapuerca To Uluru - Exhibition Opening Performance

Oscar Martín, sculptor and mystic, presents us in the exhibition: from Atapuerca to Uluru, the result of several years of his search to unite the expression of the past, present…


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