Artist Talk: Andjana Pachkova - Fernweh - Into the Blue

In this artist talk, Andjana Pachkova speaks about her exhibition, Fernweh: Into the Blue at Stanley Street Gallery.

Fernweh: Into the Blue continues Andjana Pachkova’s exploration of longing in her second solo exhibition at Stanley Street Gallery. 'Fernweh' means far-sickness in German, or longing for far-away, unexplored places. It is, in a way, nostalgia for what has never been, or more precisely for where one has never been.

“This topic is especially prescient due to the events that unfolded internationally in the year of 2020”. - Andjana Pachkova

The Ukrainian-born, Russian-raised and American-educated artist has been considering the concept of 'fernweh' and gaining inspiration from her newly found passion for surfing Australia’s east coast.