Jackson Farley, 'TESTAMENT PT XXXXXXVIIII' (2020) 1 minute excerpt of full length video


This show is about jesus!

It’s also not about jesus!

It’s actually more about Jackson! 

Maybe also a bit about mutual simultaneous oragenitalism! 

But also, kinda about jesus!

Wait no, it’s more about the concept of mutual simultaneous oragenitalism!

Also, the concept of jesus!

Maybe it’s like half jesus concept, half concept XXXXXXVIIII’n and half tangible Jackson!

Yeah, sounds-bout right!

- the cumming 69:69


Editor's note: So sorry the last few testaments have been a bit cooked. John from Brand was going through his 43rd divorce and he really dropped the ball. He's got himself a new eternity partner now though so we are back on! This one is gonna be a banga and we can’t wait for you to read it. It’s got it all; clouds, flowers AND rocks!

That’s it really.

Jackson Farley


TESTAMENT PT. XXXXXXVIIII, Jackson Farley’s recent solo exhibition at Stanley Street Gallery, takes us through the highs and lows of life: the humour, pathos and the iPhone.

In Jackson’s video work, which shares the exhibition’s title, we see a tangible 69th edit of the Bible. The Old and New Testaments are collaged together with the artist’s personal narrative to create a hypnotic world that embellishes the fantastical nature of the original text. The crucifix that Jesus died on finds its voice and “naughty” escapades ensue in the party to end all parties; where the faithful are turned into “techno fish” and father and son finally have that much needed talk.

Using irony, afforded by combining seemingly ‘pure’ and ‘impure’ imagery and text, Jackson channels the subliminal and parodies the way in which we see ourselves and our world. With the crudeness of slapstick, schoolboy humour and sexual innuendo, this body of work speaks to the irony of religion, god and notions thereof, whilst also conversely, being just as sentimental, heart-felt and self-reflective.