Lux Eterna - OUR NON HUMAN PSYCHE (2020)

In this video, Lux Eterna speaks about her personal meditative and embodied experiences when immersed in vast expanses or intimate pockets of landscapes respectively. Her work invites us to consider the magnitude and gracious endurance of our non-human world, before we spawned and long after we go.

Lux Eterna’s practice focuses on encouraging post and trans-human futures that are augmented by sensitivity, imagination and the embodied gaze. Lux asks questions around human subordination to technology without deeper understanding of our bodies. Her collaborative work investigates decolonisation as community dialogue and co-divining un-settling practices, for the scribing of more inclusive and non-colonial futures. Lux is also further researching around how we may re-author language, for a more relational reciprocity with our non-human world.