Oscar Martín de Burgos - From Atapuerca To Uluru - Exhibition Opening Performance

Oscar Martín, sculptor and mystic, presents us in the exhibition: from Atapuerca to Uluru, the result of several years of his search to unite the expression of the past, present and future through his work with volume. Taking as a starting point prehistoric symbolic manifestations, he delves with psychic empathy into the cultures of our ancestors. Different materials; bronze, brass, aluminum, polymers and ceramics, allow you to access a memory that escapes from the correlative line of time and human history. 

Here, we see Burgos's exhibition opening drumming performance, accompanied by impromptu vocals from friend and Turkish-Australian soprano, Ayşe Göknur.

Oscar Martín de Burgos establishes in this exhibition a dialogue with prehistoric art linking Atapuerca and Uluru. He presents us with a primitive, wild and ancestral iconography, deep in the symbolic connotations of human ritual and ancient cults. When we look at his work, we lose ourselves in time, submerging ourselves in unpublished volumes belonging to another way of feeling and being, ways of life and worship of nature that are almost forgotten.  

From Atapuerca to Uluru was born from the inspiration of Oscar Martín's birthplace, the Sierra de Atapuerca and its archaeological sites (Burgos, Spain), to his visit to the Sacred Mount Uluru in the Anangu region.  

Invaded by the energy of the Australian continent, he discovers and comes into resonance with original works of Australian aborigines. The similarity between both human expressions leads him to make sculptural works that joins and also reflects these two antipodal cultures; discovering a common feeling, even with a "different" appearance.  

Oscar Martín is surprised by the ease (naturalness) with which he sees the connections between these subtle worlds and his psychic empathy. Through this channelling of the Universe, he allows everything to happen and he is fully delivered as a tool in the service of the Great Spirit.  



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